Thursday, September 12, 2013

Second week in september

Cortney hunted a ton this fall. He had gotten an elk tag with his friend Sam P. in Wyoming and was just gone gone gone.  It ended up being I think a warm fall or something though because no one saw any elk.  He didn't get anything.  So September and October were a lot of long lonely days for me doing the job of both Mom and Dad.  I always think I won't be able to make it through and quite honestly I don't like it at all.  I am getting stressed about next season just typing this. 

 Oliver got really sick.  Like it scared me sick. He had a super high fever and a really sore throat.  One night I heard him crying and he was hallucinating. He was freaking out and crying and laughing.  He was acting like he was possessed.  It happened at midnight but I was so scared I called Cali to have Joey come over to give Oliver a blessing.  I video recorded his episode but honestly it is so scary I can't put it on here.  I was really glad to have a worth priesthood holder I could call while Cortney was away.  It helped immediately.  

Costco has these huge nutella bottles. They are like 20 lbs or something. 

Sometimes Cortney would come home and we would take advantage of every second he was here.  One day we went on a family walk that ended up at the school.  

I did a lot of football games alone with the kids.  This particular game was in Heber and it was a gorgeous night.  Thankfully we had 2 neighbors on the team so I had help getting him to and from games and practice. 
 Oli and his friend tate #4

 Everywhere they play has turf fields. 

 We have a pizza buffet by our house.  I think its gross but the kids love getting so many dessert pizza slices.  I took the kids one time when cort was gone. 

 One day when Cortney was gone I called Cali and I told her that if Cortney was going to be gone for months at a time I was going to buy myself a bed. hahaa.  We went to ikea and picked it all up and packed it into Cali's van.  Then we came home and assembled it all by ourselves. It felt really good to accomplish something like that and it felt really nice to finally have a bed.  

Sam and Kyle were in town for the afternoon (for a wedding probably) and Kyle did help us carry the bed in which was really nice. 

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