Sunday, November 25, 2012


We had a great Thanksgiving. The kids were out of school on wednesday.  Cali and I went to the mall in the morning to get tickets to the BYU basketball game.  (free with our pass of all passes)  It was nice being at the mall with just Theo and Cali...we looked around a little and didn't want to go back home. Haha.  Then we went back to our own homes and I had GG and CC come over for awhile, while Oliver went to Cali's house.  It was a great relaxing day.  That evening I got started on my grandma's orange rolls, the stuffing and the cranberry sauce.  I got in bed around 1 am.  

The next morning I had to wake up at 6:30 to get the orange rolls raising.  I was so tired.  It was a REALLY long Thanksgiving day.  Cali, Dad and I cooked all morning and I went back and forth between our houses.  It is really convenient living so close.  We were working on cooking the rolls (7 dozen orange rolls and 4 dozen regular rolls...KaeLynn made another 4 dozen), cooking the turkey, the ham, pecan yams, mashed potatoes and stuffing.  It was a lot of work but it came together deliciously.  (SOO much work)  It was great to have mom and dad there helping.  

Finally at 1:00 it was time for Thanksgiving dinner, we had Keith and Vickie and their kids Rachel and David plus of course grandma Jones, Jason and KaeLynn and kids, Dougie (Justin stopped by for a little while...Marion got released from the hospital earlier that day), Mom and Dad, and Isaac and Linh. We had some last minute Thanksgiving miracles because Jason and KaeLynn AND Isaac and Linh were going to be out of town... I think we were all ecstatic when they decided to stay.  Linh brought prime rib, chicken wings, and green beans, and KaeLynn brought rolls, green salad, veggie tray (and not just the costco one...nope it was her own with everything cut real cute), two fruit salads, and some pies.  Joey made some homemade ginger ale with fresh pressed ginger.  We had AMAZING amounts of food.  Cali and I were so worried we wouldn't have enough but we had tons.  

Thanksgiving was also Theo's birthday...we were so busy though so we didn't celebrate.   I did however snuggle him all day and remember about the day he was born.  I will post more about him tomorrow I hope.  

Linh and Grace (poor linh wasn't feeling very good)

I love this picture...something about seeing our profiles right next to each other.  I LOVE MY MOM.  I was sooo happy they came.  

The boys talking intensely...and a couple of babies. 

The only picture we took of Theo, our birthday boy. 

Pretty Brooklyn.  She hung out with the moms a lot.  She is so fun to have around. 


Rob bothered me the whole time I was cooking to change into play clothes.  I finally gave in and let him after the prayer. 



I love this funny picture of Jack and Tyson and Henry. 

Mmmmm the orange rolls were to die for. 

Willie mays. 

Cortney took some random time lapse pictures while we were getting ready.  I loved this one...especially Isaac lifting Theo up all the way to the ceiling. 

I like this one too because you can see Cortney taking pictures. 

After dinner/lunch we basically sat around and vegged all day.  The kids were really good too.  Cortney interviewed all the kids on camera.  It turned out awesome.  Jared and Lindsay and kids came by in the eve, it was great to see them and our kids always have a fun time together. 

In the evening the sisters (Cali,KaeLynn, Brooklyn, Mom, Vicki, Rachel and I) went shopping.  It was crazy.  I was EXHAUSTED.  Exhausted.  We hit up walmart, kmart, and target.  I didn't really buy anything but it was fun being girls only.  I think we got home around 1 am.  

The next morning the same group went out again.  This time we went to the mall.  I got Christmas Pajamas for the family.  

Then it was back to Cali's for left overs.  Yummm.  I love thanksgiving left overs.  

In the evening The boy cousins (minus Rob) came over here to my house for a slumber party.  The girls (plus rob) went over to KaeLynn's for a slumber party.  

The adults went over to Cali's to play some games. We also had some finger foods.  We played reverse charades....which as always was hilarious.  Then we played don't guess the number...if you guess the number you get shot in the face with water.  It was hilarious.  I love playing games.  We stayed until midnight and then went home.  The boys were still up and being wild, so I had to bring out Mean Momma.  The boys are good though and they eventually went to sleep and stayed in bed until 8.  

Saturday at 10 we went to KaeLynn's house for pancakes.  Yummy.  Then we went to the Lehi Legacy center to go swimming for a couple of hours.  Henry and Theo thought it was so amazing.  Theo was splashing like crazy the entire time.  Afterwards we all went to our own homes.  I was so tired.  The kids were so tired.  We all rested for a while and then we went to the BYU basket ball game.  I really didn't want to go and take the babies but I finally decided to just do it.  We actually had a great time.  THe kids loved it.  We sat with Tyson, and KaeLynn's older kids, and my Mom.  The arena was filled with tons of people...and we were all dancing and pumped up.  It was a great game.  BYU won. 

That was the end of our fun filled Thanksgiving.  It was exhausting.  I was grateful for today to kids are so grouchy, I had them in bed by 7:40 tonight.  

I am so grateful for my family.  (both sides)  I am so grateful to be a mother. I am so grateful to have a partner to go through this life and the next with (cortney...hahaa), that loves me and always has my back....always.  Life is good.  


Samantha said...

Whoa. I had already mourned missing thanksgiving with the family- I didn't realize I had missed the ENTIRE weekend FULL of activities. Sounds like so much fun. I love all the pictures.

Melissa B. said...

Fun pictures. Your food just made me really hungry. I may jump and make orange rolls right now!!

Supercords said...

I wasn't homesick for my friends UNTIL reading this post. Sounds amazing. Thanks for writing up all the details. I'm off to bed to sob into my pillow.