Saturday, November 17, 2012

extra pictures

I found some more pictures from our night at Tucanos and the BYU game....they are from the go pro but they are funny/cute and I wanted to include them.

Also today Cortney and I are sick...with the stomach flu.  Not fun.  It is really hard to have a baby when you are too weak to pick them up. It has been a long day.  I am hoping to feel better tomorrow.  I have to give a young women's lesson on Drug addiction.  Ughhh.

 we were pretty serious about our eating. 

 I love this one because Henry is eating with his meat tongs.  The only thing he ate was grapes and mandarine oranges. 

 Blickenstaff's...and this is after Henry peed his pants. 

 in the car (in our Oliver was unbuckled...)

 A blurry picture but awesome because you can see Jackie with his balloons...Joey with his vibrant blue snow pants and Cali and I so happy to be there together!

 I love this stadium. (cali and Joey's tickets are right in front of the box where the general authorities sit. It is hard for me not to just watch them the whole game.)

 I had to include this picture because I traded coats with Cortney because I was cold...what a nice hubby. 

Cold Jack.  (the boys were throwing tantrums about wearing coats and snow pants.  They were grateful by the end of the game...look at that snow!!)

I was grateful to go to the last home game.  (we are getting beat right now as I type....ughhh)

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Supercords said...

I could stare at Cort's beard all day. <--- in a totally not-gay way