Monday, December 10, 2012

Cell phone picture catch up

I have been so annoyed.  Annoyed with myself for not journaling.  Annoyed at how much easier it is to just instagram.  Annoyed at how I haven't written about anything that has happened in a long while.  Annoyed. 

I guess I just have to pick up and blog.  The main problem for me stems from the fact that we don't really have a home computer anymore.  Cortney took our main computer to work and the kids have one that won't even let me load pictures on it or even run itunes. I do almost all of my computer stuff on my phone....and so it is just not convenient to post.  (I swear this is how every single post of mine has started out lately.)

Anyways. Here are some random cell phone pictures.  Cortney does take good pictures but they are always loaded on his work computer.  Boo. 

At thanksgiving time I made cranberry sauce and henry was eating it by the bowlful.  Plain cranberry sauce.  Crazy kid.  I can't believe he won't eat normal food but he will eat that. 

This is cali and I at black friday shopping.  It was nuts. 

Our family at the BYU game over thanksgiving break. 

This year An Elf named Chocolate Chip (Just Chip for short) came to stay at our house.  He has been really fun to have around.  He watches to see if the kids are being good or not.  Unfortunately the kids have been waking up so early to see him they have had horrible behavior.  

Our cute elf. 

Theo wants to be climbing up the stairs at all times...he doesn't know how to go down them so that is stressful.  He sure can get up fast though. 

Jory brought us home an real Christmas tree.  I think it is so beautiful and love it so much.  It is so nice of Jory to bring us one.  We really REALLy love it. 

I stopped by my friend Sarah's house the other day and while I was getting Theo out of the car Henry let all of her chicken's out and was holding this one.  Ugghhh.  I felt so bad (because sarah would have to put them back later) I tried to put the chickens back in myself but they were flapping like crazy.  I don't know how Henry does it but he has no fear.  

 Rob has been playing indoor soccer with Grace and Carolina.  It has been so fun to watch and he is having a blast.  

The first game he scored a goal for the other team. Yikes.  Carolina scored the only goal for our team.  Then in the last two games Rob has scored 2 goals each game.  He is doing awesome.  He is a giant out there and is a foot taller than most kids.  Carolina and Grace are so good too.  They are all totally into the game.  I am so glad we signed them up.  They practice for 30 minutes and then immediately have a 30 minute game. 

Cali and I have been working on felt nativity advent calendars.  They turned out awesome. 

 So cute. 
( I saw this on she made it I just drew a pattern from awesome)

 Theo has Bronchiolitis poor baby.  He doesn't feel good and can't breathe. Scary.  Last night he wouldn't go to sleep until almost midnight. 

He also is loving getting into the toilet.  

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Love your nativity! It turned out so cute!