Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Theo 6 months Henry 2.5 years

I took Oli, Henry, and Theo to the Doctor on friday.  It was pretty crazy.

Theo is getting big.  I can't believe it.  It seems like yesterday I was getting ready for him to be born.  We are so lucky to have him in our family.  He is the best baby.  (seriously, I have had a lot of really good babies and he just might be my best so far!)  He hardly ever cries, and when he does I know he means business.

He still isn't sitting up, which makes me a little worried, to be honest, but he is rolling real good.  He also has to go to see the pediatric dermatologist up at Primary Children's hospital on Friday so they can take a look at his little red birthmarks.  But other than that the doctor thought he look great.

Theo's stats:

Weight 14.97 lbs--7.86% (up from .81% last time, whoop whoop.)
Height 26.2 inches--29.65% (up from 12.55%)
Head 17 inches--44.79% (up from 26.7%)

The doctor was thrilled with his weight gain especially since he is nonstop spit up all the time.

I have been wanting Cortney to take some pictures of him but he has been so busy so I pulled the camera out today and shot a few pictures before his nap.  (i suck at taking pictures...out of focus...white balance is off...but I am thrilled to just have some shots of six months)

He is starting to get dark hair and dark eyes.  

 He really wasn't sure about me taking pictures. Unlike Henry...henry has always loved the camera. 

 He always has his tongue out like this.  And I think he is getting a tooth, hence the drool. 

 This one was under exposed and out of focus but I LOVE how he looks in it.  It shows how big he is too.  He still has a real hard time sitting in the bumbo.  His head goes to the side, some of our other kids have done this too.  Eventually they grow out of it.  I need to do some baby stretching.

 His eyes were getting so sleepy from being outside where it was he needed to go to bed. 

 Me tickling him with my little toes so I could get him to smile.  

What a good boy. 

The day he got his shots he was so sad.  I mean SAD.  He couldn't move his legs at all.  It was the weirdest thing I have ever seen.  He just had his legs up like a frog and kept them like that all day.  If I touched his legs at all he would bawl his brains out.  I had a picture of his legs but I lost it.  It really was so funny, and sad.  The next morning he was still under his covers because he couldn't kick his covers off or roll around at all.  I have never had a kid get so hurt from shots. 

Here he is so sad. 

I was supposed to take Henry in for his 2 year appointment right around the time when Theo was going to be born.  However, I forgot all about the appointment in all the stress that surrounded Theo's birth.  So here are Henry's 2.5 year stats...

Weight 33.29 lbs---82.01%
Height 36.7 inches---65.83% (haha he's a little heavy for his height)

Henry didn't even flinch when he got his shots...he just wanted a bandage so bad.  He loves the doctor.  He just kept wanting it to be his turn. 

Oliver went to the doctor because he eyes were almost swollen shut.  I thought he maybe had pink eye but it turns out it was just really bad allergies.  :)


Melissa B. said...

Ash he is so cute! I have some BYU celebrities in my ward, you are the only person I think might possibly care;) Chanell Rose( Dave Rose's daughter) and her husband Brock Reichner. Both played Bball for BYU. They are so nice, they are my new friends! And we have a HUGE U of U door mat kind of funny

A Bug's Life said...

Theo is soo cute. So glad he is growing and doing well. daishan

Christensen's said...

Love the picture of Theo in b&w...cutest smile! And I love how your toe is in the other pics :)