Saturday, May 19, 2012

'round here

Things have been going pretty good over here at the a-frame.  We are adjusting pretty well.  Henry still says "I wanna go home mom....please??", every time we pass our old house on the way to take the boys to school.  It breaks my heart every time.  He has stopped waking up in the night though...and that is nice. I too experience pretty strong heart pains every time I go over there and have been avoiding our old house.  I feel sad closing that chapter of my life.  I have some really good memories there.  (still getting the run around on closing...ahhhh biggest stress ever)  We are meeting lots of our new neighbors and there are TONS of little kids for my kids to play with.  Just last night I let my boys stay out playing night games until WAY past their bedtimes.  Oliver said he's never had so much fun.  It makes me happy that there are so many kids.  They are constantly playing basketball, baseball or tag in our huge yard (or one of the neighbors).  

Tomorrow we go to a new ward, and we are ALL REALLY nervous about that.  Oliver already has his scriptures by the door ready to go.  So scary. 

Cortney and I both spoke in church last week.  We talked about mothers.  It was a HUGE stress for both of us.  Our friends Will and LorriAnn sat with our kids so we could sit on the stand.  (of course Henry stayed with us...and took his shirt off during Cortney's talk...happy mother's day...hahaa)  I had told Cortney I would try my hardest to take up 20 minutes and leave him with 10, however the night before I did a little run through of my talk and it took 8 minutes!!!  That left he and I freaking out.  (I honestly have never seen Cortney so nervous...well not in a long time anyways)  I got up and the first time I looked at the clock to see how much time I had left I had already gone 30 minutes.  OOOPS.   I felt like my talk went great and I said all of the things I wanted to say (funny, heartfelt, informative..hahahaa).  They canceled the intermission hymn and Cortney was left with 5 minutes to speak.  He gave a touching testimony and before we knew it, it was all over.  I went on to primary and we said most of our goodbye's.  It was really sad for me to leave the ward, and I mostly just keep pretending it isn't happening.  I think it will probably hit tomorrow when we are at a place where we know no one.  

Besides having to speak in church my mother's day was great.  I love being a mom. Cortney and the kids got me our traditional dozen bagels from Einstein's and some coconut m&m's (to die for seriously...I polished off the whole big bag in two days).  Cortney asked the boys what kinds of things I like and Rob said "burp rags"...haha, he is so right.  The boys both gave me beautiful cards.   Rob's said "Mom thanks for always taking me to church."  I loved that.  Oliver's was a play on the book "if you give a moose a muffin",  It was about giving mom a muffin, and then the rest of the book was talking about how I really like my house clean and my kids to be well behaved.  Hahaa.  So true.  

I just said to Henry.. "my back hurts".  Then he said, "your back hurts? you need a bandage?"  I love that kid. 

I have been so stressed out about our house selling or not selling and then having two payments...but I have really been trying to remember how good my life is.   Stress, shmess.  Haha.

Last Thursday the office at Rob's school called me.  She said "I am here with Rob and his teacher... (I immediately thought, oh crap, what has he done to get in trouble)...then she goes on to say...he isn't bleeding or crying, but he bumped his head pretty bad at recess and you need to come here."  I wasn't too stressed out, bumps are old hat for me.  I deal with that kind of thing all the time.   When I got to the school I walked into the office and there was Rob sitting with an ice pack on his head.  He took it off and I gasp in surprise.  It was much worse than I expected. 

We took some pictures the second we got home. 
 He fell and hit his head on the bars at school.  I am pretty sure now he had a concussion because he didn't remember anything from the next day.  

Oh did I mention that this tough guy didn't even shed a SINGLE tear??  

 Look at that.

I took this one a couple of days later.  His eye swelled so much that he couldn't see out of it at all.  He couldn't even open it.  (yup still wearing the same shirt)

I snapped these next pictures one morning when Rob was helping me out with the morning feeding.

 Sweet boys. 

Henry joining in too.  He got a hair cut last tuesday and looks so grown up.  (where did my baby go)

I am kinda coming around to this mother of only boys thing.  :)

Gotta go, henry is standing on top of Cortney's desk and getting down a fly rod.  YIKES. 

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Cindy said...

oooh. Yikes on the head bump. Going to a new ward is scarry. You'll be fine in no time.