Friday, May 04, 2012

not okay

So we're moving.

I am kinda freaking out.

It is really hard to pack up your whole life (six years in one place!), and be okay with it.

I am excited for a new chapter of our lives.  I really am.

But this is sad, and scary.  (and not fun at all)

I used to be a old pro at moving, not so much anymore.

Really all I want to do is climb under my covers with a good book and pretend that none of this is happening.

Hey, if you are in the neighborhood, you wanna help us load up a u-haul tomorrow?


Will and Lorri said...

What time for the U-Haul?

Hansens said...

When? I have some strong sons that need something to do

ashleyboice said...

We will have the truck at our house at 10:30...along with doughnuts and juice. :)

Peggy Dee said...

Good luck! Wish we were closer and could lend a hand. I'll see if any of my kids are available.