Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Yup...we live in an a-frame

The first weekend of April when we first got an offer on our house we were a little panicked because there was nothing for sale in the neighborhood we were looking to buy in.  we weren't sure what we were going to do.  The day we got on offer I looked in our local rental listings...and I noticed there was an ad for a house that was an A-frame.  There is only one A-frame house around and it happens to be right by Cali's house.  So we went right then and looked at it (all of these pictures are from that day).   It was big (like almost 2500 sq feet) had four bedrooms and two baths and best of all was in our budget.  We filled out an application that day.  

Over the next month I kept looking for other places but no other place came up that was in the right school boundaries.  It looked like it was just meant to be.  We were supposed to live in the a frame house.  

We moved here on Saturday.  So far it has been weird for all of us...just trying to get used to a new house.  

We rent the two top floors.  In the bottom floor lives 3 single girls.  They brought us a welcome basket the first day we were here.  

The house is on .44 acre lot.  Nice and big. 
We get to our house from the stairs on the side where you can see a deck. 

living room. 


Yup there is a catwalk going to one of the balconies. 
I really hope my kids don't die on this. 

 Both bathrooms are huge.  We have never had more than one bathroom so it feels pretty decadent to have two.  

The house also has a HUGE laundry room.  I love it.  It might be my favorite room in the house. 

 My room (plus cortney too) main floor. 

 Cortney's office. main floor. 

Kitchen (it has the smallest oven I have ever seen in my life....guess I won't be making cookies that often)

 Henry's room (upstairs)

 Oli and Rob's room (upstairs) (this room is huge....at least double their old room)

I took this picture today...it is taken from the boys window and it is a picture of Rob and a neighbor kid.  Oliver is there too you just can't see him.  They were playing baseball.  There are tons of kids my kids ages around here.  I am SO excited for that.  (I really hope my kids never fall out the window, we are sooooo high up)

It feels weird to be living in a new space....but good at the same time.  We are trying to get used to it and trying to get unpacked.  I need everything in its place before I can really relax.  So far, I have got the kitchen and The boys room done.  I am really working hard.  It is hard for me to have things out of order.  

Neighbors have come by and greeted us.  The kids have been walking back and forth to Cali's house.  I think it is going to be great.  I think it is the right thing for us (so hard to know). 

Cortney said to me today...someday we are going to look back on this time of our lives and say..."remember when we lived in that funny house that one time...."


Hansens said...

I know that house! It is right next to the school. Looks nice.

Heidi Grover said...

Just wait until your boys learn to throw things over the catwalk. Haha! It says "water balloons."