Thursday, June 07, 2012

Kinder graduation.

So last thursday was the last day of school.  Rob had his Kindergarten graduation.  I am sure proud of this guy.  He has excelled in school this year.  Top of his class in all areas.  He scored all 4's with only one 3. (out of 4).  He is reading and writing like crazy.  I was really scared that he would have behavioral problems this year but he didn't once get in trouble.  His teacher Mrs. Miles is amazing, and just what he needed.  He loves her with all of his heart.  

The whole last week of school everyone went at 8 am.  So for Robbie this was pretty darn early.  (instead of 12:40 pm).  We had to wake him every morning a couple of hours before it was time to go.  

He was pretty nervous. 

This is so what this little guy is looking like these days.  Scowl, pj's (previously worn by three of his brothers).  I love him.  Tonight as he had his last bottle I just held and loved him after he went to sleep.  I am so grateful for all of my children. 

It amazes me how much taller Rob is than the rest of his class.  At least a head taller.  
Love those folded arms.  His teacher really likes them to have their arms folded...and amazingly they obey. 

Here he is looking right at his daddy. 

I love these two pictures of him shaking the teachers and principles hands.  He looks so serious and scared.  

He's not messing around. 

Me struggling with the two kids in the back.  haahaa. 
this was an early morning for all of us. 
We had to leave so fast too that we didn't get the right lens for the camera. Oh well better than nothing.


Nothing like a picture with the garbage can to show you made it out of kindergarten. 

The AMAZING Mrs. Miles.  Both of my kids had her.  She worked really hard with Rob this year and taught him so much.  Mostly to believe in himself. 

I hate me in this picture.  My shirt is doing this poof-ing thing that is really making my stomach look big (ummmm it really kinda is though...remember not too long ago I had a baby....that and I love to eat all day and night non stop.  :)
However...I love that it is a picture of all four of us.  And that Henry is trying to take his pants off.  He is having a real naked stage.  

Proud mom. 

Tired Henry. 

Tired Robbie.  (I really need to get him sunday shoes....)

For the dance festival his class danced to Little Mermaid's Under the Sea.  It was awesome.  I have no pictures or video but I had a HUGE smile plastered on my face watching both my boys dance.  It doesn't get better than that.  

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Cali said...

Rob is about the handsomest little boy I've ever seen.