Monday, April 23, 2012

long gone

I don't think I have ever gone this long without posting.  I think I have been too stressed out to even think about my life.  Hahaa.

We went on a lovely spring break vacation to Phoenix to visit my parents at their new house down there.  We had a great time.  Cortney is in the middle of organizing the pictures on our computer so right now they aren't on the computer...but as soon as they are I will post about the trip.

In the meantime how about some more phone pictures...
 Henry spent a lot of the time on our trip being exhausted, and throwing tantrums.  He he is asleep in the car after driving about 30 seconds...we were on our way to see the chipmunk movie in the theater. 

 chillaxing on my mom's bed. 

My big boys are the best travelers.  They sleep so good in the car. 

Henry not so much.. He is definitely the weakest link. 

 Theo was a dream in the car.  I would sit by him to give him a bottle but other than that I didn't have to a thing for him.  He slept most of the time. 

Saturday night I twisted my ankle on the way down stairs.  I heard it crack loudly when I landed.  I said as loud as I could "Cortney I need your help!"  He was outside and came running as fast as I have ever seen him run.  How romantic.  Honestly, I was writhing around in some pretty intense pain.  I almost threw up...that is how bad it hurt.  I was instantly nauseous. 

 These pictures are after church on sunday.  I wrapped it up but had to do sharing time (twice)...It was an exhausting day (both theo and Henry were awake and needing me during my sharing time...lucky for me I have good counselors).   When I got home and took of the wrap it had swollen up big time.  I couldn't walk at all after church.  

It is black and blue today but feeling much better. 

Tonight was the school carnival.  We went buck wild with tickets.  The kids loved it. 
 I still can't believe sometimes that I have so many SONS. 

Henry getting his face painted by one of the loves of his life, Sarah, We love her. 

Is oliver Cortney's kid or what.  Cortney makes this face in almost every picture ever taken of him.  That boy. 

(the snow cones and cotton candy were 66 cents each(two tickets) was a great deal, so we got four of each)

Things here are stressful.  HOPEFULLY our house sale goes has been teetering for a while...the people that put an offer in are having a hard time getting financing.  I think we made huge strides today though and it is looking up.  I REALLY don't want to have to try to sell this house again.  Especially with a bad would be really hard.   I know everything will be okay and will turn out in the end but in the is sending my stress levels through the roof.  Luckily cort is so calm.  We found a place to rent while we look for a house to buy, and places big enough for our family plus Cortney working from home in the school boundaries that we want are HARD (like impossible) to find. So if the house sale falls through we will have a place we are renting and our home that we own that we have to make payments on.  I feel like we can't give up this rental though.  So pray for us.  Pray our house sells (is that something we can pray for? haha)  

I want to be better at journaling.  It has just been so hard lately (like the last year) because I am alway tired...and  a little stressed and I don't want to sound like I am complaining.  

Even with all of my stress, the weather has been wonderful, the boys have been getting along and we get to do stuff like school carnivals and spring break vacation.  Not too shabby. 

Oh about a week ago (when we were in arizona) this guy started baby talking.  It is adorable.  (don't mind my annoying voice)


Samantha said...

Ash! You have inspired me to blog tonight. Or tomorrow. But soon. I loved this post. Theo is looking like rob to me a little bit here. And your ankle!! Yowsers. That looks horrible. And I love that you wrote "romantic" about cortney running to you. It is romantic. And that picture of Oliver. Little Cort. So funny.

Cindy said...

When did Rob grow up so much???!
Eee. Take care of that ankle.

Where in AZ are your parents? Mine are there too, plus a sister and bro-in-law, and now my daughter and her family.....

Christensen's said...

I can't believe how horrible your ankle was! You should have had one of us teach!