Saturday, February 25, 2012


On Thursday Oliver was awarded with his Bobcat award for scouts.  In turn I got my first Cub Scout Pin...with many more to come I am sure.  
(thanks Hansen's for the great picture!)
The blue and gold was a great night although we had to leave early because Cortney was having a work crisis of some sort. (he got 9 calls in the first hour we were there)

We are really proud of Oliver and the good choices he makes.  He is doing so good in school and really helps out around the house so much.  Especially with his little brothers. 

Forever ago my friend Tami commented on here (i think it was Tami) that she staggers her boys bed times.  We decided to give it a try since the boys would talk every night until 10, and I would have a sore throat every night from trying to bring the smack down on them...hahaa.  Rob goes in bed somewhere from 7-7:30 and Oliver does homework.  It literally takes rob 10 minutes to fall asleep and then Oliver goes in around 8:00.  It has changed our life.  It is such a dream, no yelling, no stressed out mom, two sleeping boys.  I LOVE IT.  I can't believe it works, and every night Cortney and I look at each other in amazement that it is actually working.  

Life changer. 

The millers have been in town for their Son-in-laws funeral.  Cali and I watched the kiddos yesterday so they wouldn't be stressed doing all the stuff they have to do.  It was crazy but mostly just because together Cali and I have 9 kids.  It makes it so hard to help people when you have so many of your own.  It went great though and it was fun to get to see our miller nieces and nephews (Bailey and Brook included). 

I took a couple of pictures during a quiet time. 
 Henry and Fi, not fighting.  (rare...luckily we have been through this before and know by the time they are 5 they won't fight anymore...well hardly)

 We had 14 kids for a lot of the day.  :)

Luckily my dad came through and saved the day with a pizza for dinner.  It REALLY did save us. 


tiff said...

Happy birthday. Miss you

Tami said...

That WAS forever ago. Yeah, I'm so glad that it works for you!!! You have such a beautiful family Ashley....I love checkin' out the Boice Family via the blogski!!!!

bBchronicles said...

STRESSFUL day - what a CHAMP you are (on your bday) and CONGRATS on your first award!!!!!!