Thursday, February 09, 2012


So today Theodore started smiling...and squealing.  He loves it when I make the motor boat sound with my know what I am talking about??  As I was feeding him I noticed he was wearing the same outfit as Henry was in this picture....
 Henry and Cortney late November 2009 Henry was around 6 weeks old.

I couldn't resist re-enacting the picture. 

Theo and Cortney tonight.  Theo will be 11 weeks on tuesday. Theo's face is definitely chunkier but their bodies are about the same.  I think they look a lot a like in real life,  but not so much in these pictures.  Henry always had that surprised look and has a little more of a pig nose...or should I say upturned nose. hahaa.

Either way, I can't wait for this baby to chunk up a little more and become more like a person.  Not a person person...but know??

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