Sunday, February 19, 2012


My sister Sam's family suffered a terrible loss this valentine's day.  Her brother in law CJ was killed in a tragic accident.  We have been so sad here.  I have been praying non-stop for them.

I haven't really known how to go back to regular life.

We are still doing a lot of the same stuff around here.  Hanging out at the house and pretty much just being together.  There has never been a time of my life when I have been this home bound.  It is nice and weird at the same time.

Last week was Cali's birthday.  We last minute decided to go with them to the BYU game because Justin and Angelique had tickets they weren't going to use.  (thanks guys!!)

 Theo's first BYU game.  
We had so much fun.  We were playing pepperdine and won by a lot but it was still really fun.  I LOVE BYU.  I love being down there so much. 

This is a horrible picture but the game was so loud we put socks over his ears and then a hat, for a little sound protection.  He would still get startled with every loud announcement. 

After the game we went with the Emig's and the Burke's to La Jolla. It was delicious.   Cali's getting old.  Haha. 

We did nothing for valentine's day.  We mostly just sat around holding each other.  Shocked and saddened for the Miller's.

The 15th was Tyler's birthday.  We had him and Cameron over for dinner and dessert it was nice to see them...and the food was delish.
 I only had one candle in the house.  (I have a real hard time making birthdays a big deal...haha)

My kids were so happy to have their uncles over.  I was feeling pretty out numbered.  7 rowdy stinky boys, and  :)

You can see there in the background we have some extra furniture in the kitchen.  Our friends Sherry and Jory had an old table they weren't using that was broken.  So they gave it to us and this weekend we fixed it and painted it.  It is going to be awesome.  I will post pictures.  Later.

 Theo 11 weeks.  

 We have had this HORRIBLE disgusting red couch FOREVER.  I hate it.  I tried my best to wash the cushions and such but there is no helping this bad boy.  Finally I talked Cortney into letting me get a new couch (pictures coming too...hahaa).  We found one for a STEAL of a deal and brought it home.  Happy birthday, Valentine's day and Mother's day to me.  We put our red couch outside on the street with a free sign and it still took 2 WHOLE DAYS for some one to take it.  Usually the crap we put outside for free is gone in 20 minutes max.  That will tell you how bad this couch was. 

The boys were so so sad to see it go. 


Lately on fridays Celeste has been coming with her kids over to Cali's.  I am obsessed with it.  It has been so long since we have all really hung out and all feels right in the world again to be having more Merrell in my life.  Usually it is just a couple of hours but we have been doing it for probably 6 weeks now.  Feels permanent.  :)  Even though it has been forever since our kids have been together, it is like they were never apart.  They love each other like they were cousins.  

This last Friday, we started off the day with a SISTER's lunch at KaeLynn's.  Kae Lynn, Cali and I all have February birthday's and we decided to do something about it.  Kae made to die for chicken bacon artichoke pizza, salad and raspberry cheesecake.  Linh said she has never seen me eat so much. HAHAA.  I was starving.  It was great to sit around and talk and we had I think 8 kids there that aren't in school yet.  (which sounded pretty loud.)   

Because I was at Kae's during nap time Henry wouldn't go down (we are having some major nap time struggles right now).  He was a wreck the rest of the day.  When we were at Cali's he was being awfully quiet...and I knew he was up to no good when Carolina came to get us.  

He said "look mom it's snowing".   You have to look at the pantry door...yup that is flour all the way up there.  We was thawing it everywhere. 

Naughty baby. 

Just another video of Henry and Theo because...yah know they're my best friends.  :)

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Samantha said...

That was a nice post. I've thought about you and Cort this week and I'm so grateful that cortney didn't get hurt more when he got in his accident last year. Anyway, thanks for the love. And that baby Henry was so naughty in the flour!!!