Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Theo 6 weeks old

We got home from Rexburg with a nice little package sitting on our doorstep.  My sister's sister in law (haha) and one of my BFF's sent me a box full of onsies and sleepers that her little Marcus had grown out of.  It made me so happy.  It was especially nice because Theo had just that day grown out of most of his preemie clothes and I didn't have a lot for him to wear.  Also because he was covered in spit up from the long car ride home, we had no clean clothes, so I just opened the package and dressed him right then in new nice clean clothes.  How nice is that??

Thanks Emily and Jared (and marcus of course)...we love you guys.  

Cali told me about your surgery...we are all praying for you here. 

I weighed Theo on sunday here on my scale and it said he was 6.8 lbs.  The little bugger keeps on growing and growing.  He is doing great and sleeps most of the day and night.  He has started spitting up like crazy just like all my other babies (DRAT).  I had hoped he would be an exception to that rule.  Oh well.  

We just sit around the house and do laundry (lots of spit up equals lots of laundry) and watch shows.  Today was beautiful out and we were able to walk to pick the kids up from school.  All of the kids liked being able to get out and move.  I must say though,  I have really been enjoying all of the sitting around and relaxing with my two little babies.  I am pretty blessed.  

Rob broke a molar while we were in Rexburg.  (a week after getting one pulled)  Today Cortney took him in to the dentist and was pretty embarrassed by Rob freaking out.  They are having us bring him in on Monday after we have given him some Valium...haha...the joys of parenting.  

Thats all just a little update. 


Douglas and Connie Jones Earl said...

almost there dad d

Sherry Ward said...

Seriously, he still looks like a preemie!!

The Ridge said...

Little Miracles! The valium thing reminds me of when we had to give some to Carter and he started laughing in the middle of breakfast and his face fell in his cereal! Seriously funny!

DJ and Melissa said...

I love little babies. Its fun to savor the outfits and they're so easy to swaddle and rock all day. Have you ever tried putting a little gripe water in your bottles? Its a natural gas remedy. It has chamomile and fennel in it. Vienne spit up a lot and got really gassy, but it helped calm her down. You can get it at any pharmacy in the baby section.