Sunday, January 01, 2012


I don't know how it happened...but we managed to get almost NO pictures from our Christmas trip.  It totally annoys me.

We left for Rexburg Thursday afternoon.  Tyler came with us, which was nice.  I got to sit in the back of the van and snooze my whole way there.  Usually I try to talk to Cortney and keep him awake but being so far back I got to nap a little.  There is something to be said for sleeping in the car...I tell you.

That night Whitney and Schueyler and their kids, Heather and cooper, and Griffin and Katrina were all there.  Along with grandma Alice.  It was great to catch up with everyone...I hadn't seen most of them since last Christmas!!

The saddest part of this trip was that there was NO SNOW.  I don't know if that has ever happened in all of my years spending Christmas in Rexburg.  My kids were definitely disappointed.

I need to mention the first night we were there Oliver threw up ALL over the place in the middle of the night.  I couldn't believe that we were brining the flu to Christmas.  Luckily he was the only one that was sick in that way while we were there.  Roberta, Cameron and I all had pretty nasty colds...but we managed not to spread it further than that.

Most of the time we were in Rexburg we spent just hanging out at the house.  I only left for Christmas eve dinner and church....oh I did go get diapers once.  Cortney managed to take the boys to do some fun stuff but me and Theo and Henry were house bound.

Saturday morning Shawn took the boys out for some ice fishing.  I stole this one picture of Rob and Tyler from Ty's facebook.  I wish I had more.  The kids had the best time.  I think they would love for this to be the new Christmas Eve tradition.

Rob managed to catch the biggest fish of the day.  He was pretty proud.  (he was also so scared that the ice was going to break and he was going to fall through)

Oliver also caught a couple of big fish.  They loved it. 

That night we headed over to Grandma Alice's for Christmas Eve dinner.  Cameron had made it into town at this point.   I also stole these pictures from Ty's blog.  I will have to wait for Roberta to post before I can get any other pictures.  Dinner was delicious and it was great to sit around and talk with everyone.  

 Ty and Theo. 

I realized that I have so few pictures of Cortney, some people might not realize how hot he is right now.  This picture is out of focus because I was laughing so hard and they  were too close for my lens.  Griffin and Cort....being charlie's angels I guess. 

While we were at dinner Griffin showed us some of his music.  He is one talented boy I tell you what.  What would it be like to be so good at something??

We got home and put on our pajamas.  The kids LOVED that we all matched.  I loved it too...  I didn't love how UNFLATTERING the mom pajamas were.  They were bad. Real bad.  

I then tried to read Jest fore Christmas for my kids but they just didn't get it.  I realized that I didn't know what one word of that poem meant until I was older...and by then I loved it.  So now that will be the same for my kids.  I missed my mom reading it, but I guess I am the mom now. 

We set out some delish cookies for Santa and got the boys in bed.  They slept good the whole night and didn't wake up until after 8:30.  Hallelujah!  All of the adults were grateful for that. 

I love this picture because Cameron and Rob have the EXACT SAME hair in this picture.  Plus look at sleepy Bob. I got Rob a Guinness book of world records.  One of their FAVORITE gifts. 

 I think Henry was the funnest.  I love this age. 

 Opening madness. 

 Oliver asked mostly for clothes this year.  WEIRD. 

 My grandma Jones always gets us hickory farms.  YUM. 

 I made my mom in law and grandma in law calendars.  They turned out really cute. 

 Look at that double chin...(on theo, not on me...haha)  That boy is growing like a weed. Today I weighed him at home and he weighs a little under 7 lbs.   

 Now if that isn't happiness I don't know what is. 

We then headed to church.  The ward had an awesome french horn number with a chello and violins, I loved it.  

After church we just hung out  and waited for the rest of the family to get there for brunch...which was actually linner (get it lunch and dinner combined) haha.  We had our traditional egg casseroles.  Yum.  

All in all it was a great holiday.  Henry wouldn't stay in his bed, and my kids were stressing me out but was great to be with family.  


Douglas and Connie Jones Earl said...

The pajamas are awesome. Dad D

Laura Lei said...

Merry Christmas! I can't believe you have a kid old enough to want mostly clothes for Christmas. Theo is looking adorable. The plus side of having a preemie baby is getting to enjoy that little baby stage a little bit longer. I can't believe how long Cortney's beard is. How long does it take to grow that long? It's very impressive.

Cindy said...

Good holiday! Theo is precious and I love that double chin.

I had to chuckle: only Aunt Alice would have a suit on to open presents on Christmas morning! So her! I have such great memories growing up with the Wards in California.

Hope everyone gets some snow soon.