Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I stole a bunch of photos from my Mom in law's blog.  So here is another christmas eve post.  
I love all these pictures because you can see Theo floating around the room.  
 Shade, Carter, Heather (holding theo), and cooper.
 Uncle Griff

 Morgan and Griff.

 Grandma ALice. 

 Carter would have held Theo the whole night.  I love the way Theo is looking at him.  So sweet.  I love that Carter. 

 Me and an out of focus henry.  That kid would not hold still.  He was crazy that night. 

 Ahhh...look at these lovebirds. 

 Bob listening to an AMAZING song Griffin wrote (and sung)

 These two...I tell you.  Two peas in a very loud pod.  They are BFF's as Rob likes to say.  

 Just in case you haven't gotten enough of Cortney's beard yet. 

I know I haven't.  hahaa

Santa called the kids.  They made it on the nice list.  Hurray!

This is how I have been feeling lately.  Pretty darn tired.  

It was a great night. 


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amber said...

Good to see your all doing well. This is Sean by the way