Friday, January 13, 2012

sitting in my room

I have been sitting around in my house a LOT since Theo was born. It gets pretty boring but for some reason I can't face getting everyone ready to go and run an errand.  I don't think there has ever been a time in my life where I have spent this much time in.  

Rob and Henry love their Christmas pajamas.  Rob thinks they are so comfy that he has worn them almost every single day since he got them.  He puts them on the second he gets home from school.  Every couple of days I throw them in the laundry.  It is kinda becoming a problem.  He REALLY wanted to wear them to the airport when my parents came...but I told him no.   

Henry wants to wear them too but his pi's get dirty much faster than Rob's.  This day he was freaking out because his were dirty so we had to find other pants he could wear with them.  
 I love it when my kids are getting along. 

 I love how Henry is looking at Rob in this picture.  He was talking to him about the movie. 

My little guy all dressed up in a big boy outfit.  (size newborn)  I got my 0-3 month clothes out today and they still DROWN him.  It is amazing.  He looks HUGE to me. 

He is 7 weeks old now and spitting up like CRAZY.  I have tried everything (even the gripe water in the bottle trick Melissa) and nothing is working.  All my babies spit up so it isn't anything new but STILL I would like for once to not have to carry 30 burp rags with me.  I always tell people they will need a lot of baby blankets.  But then it turns out they don't.   I always need a lot because my babies are spitting up on them.  Hmmmmphh.  He is still pretty awesome though and is sleeping really good.  I even had him sleep 7 hours straight once this week...which is very exciting for me.  I can't wait to get a little more sleep around here.   

I can't help but think he looks just like this guy from Charlie and the Chocolate factory.  (it was playing while I was in the hospital) 


Angelique said...

I feel the same way about my Christmas pajamas. I want to wear them all day long, every day.

DJ and Melissa said...

Oh I'm so sad it didn't work. I hate spit up. It grosses me out more then a poopy diaper. Oh well, at least he's still cute.