Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pinewood Derby

So I feel like I hit a huge milestone as a mom tonight.  It was my first pinewood derby.  Of course we didn't start working on the car until tuesday...and I went and picked up some paint today for it.  We are the ultimate slackers.  

 Oh Henry...why is your face always messy. 

 This is how my boys look at all times.  Our primary meets right here in the gym and this is what my boys are doing every week as I clean up. 

 Oliver...what a good boy.  You can tell how inwardly nervous he is in this picture. (he's just like his momma like that)


Here he is watching his car race. 

 So serious. 

 His is the black truck coming in last place.  He actually didn't do too bad and came in second almost every single time. 


 Me doing what I do best. 

 He got the nitro ninja award.  

Weird that we didn't get one picture of the actual truck. 

I just remedied that and took a couple quick pictures of it with photo booth.   Not too shabby for throwing it together last minute.  Cortney just told me "next year I am pulling out all the stops".  We will see. We have a family in our ward with 3 boys and they have never not gotten 1st place.  This was their last year and the dad of that family told Cortney some of his secrets.  Huh...we will see. 

 Oliver thought it was awesome (although he did say it needed to be sanded better and painted again...hahaa)

So TWICE now I have found random computer t-shirts in our laundry.  Cortney and I both have NO IDEA whose shirts they are.  It is blowing my mind.  Either one of us is having an affair with a super nerdy computer person...or some one is sneaking into our house and doing their laundry.  
Is this your shirt???

Weird right?


Lisa Tucker said...

Pinewood Derbies are the best. Put the cars away in a safe place and when he is done with cubbing get them framed in a shadow box. It will be a treasure!

{natalie} said...

i think it's hilarious you are wearing the shirt!! hahah. we have someone's random underwear in our laundry and ethan will not let me live it down. (I DON"T KNOW WHOSE IT IS!!!) it was right after vacation with our whole family and so i'm thinking something got switched.

anyway....good mom for going to scouts. i'm not looking forward to that.

bBchronicles said...

BOY, that brings back some good memories!!!!!! What a FUN night for the family! Congrats.