Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ultrasound 22 weeks (last week)

baby post...sorry for the boringness. Feel free to skip.

This is our little guy last week at an ultrasound follow-up. They were worried there wasn't enough fluid around the brain...um...hello.

Everything in the brain looked great at this one...thank goodness.

Every time I go to an appointment they give me something to worry about. I swear getting older and having kids is scary.

First I have an antibody M showing up in my blood work. This isn't that worrisome, though and is something like rh factor...something that the baby and I aren't compatible. The annoying part is I have to have blood work done once a month and I have to register at the hospital every single time.

Then they told me I needed another ultrasound so they could check on the brain. Which was this one and ended up being just fine.

This week she told me there is a bright spot on his heart otherwise known as a Echogenic intracardiac focus. Samantha's baby had something similar on her baby's bowel. Basically it could be nothing but it is also a soft marker for downs syndrom. Honestly I am not worried about it at all, but it is annoying to have her tell me these things and then have them turn out to be nothing. The doctor hasn't had me get any extra testing done so I am sure it is nothing.

The ultra sound tech always says things so nonchalantly too. Like "the fluid in the brain is borderline", like I am supposed to know what to do with that. Or, "there is a bright spot on the heart, which with other markers could mean a birth defect, but I don't see anything else", Or..."hey did you know you had a cyst on your right ovary?". Hahaa. Then after I leave I am like....did she say something was wrong with the brain??

We did get to see the little guys lip and he doesn't have a cleft lip (one of the side effects of my medications is a low occurrence of cleft lip). So I felt pretty good about that.
I have never had ANY problems in my other pregnancies.

I know this baby will turn out just as he is supposed to.

My little boys got to feel him kick for the first time this morning. Oliver about died. They can't wait.

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Samantha said...

For some reason, 4 years ago I thought that pregnancy was kind of no big deal and that things, for the most part, always work out. I still think they work out, but I mean, I think it's WAY more dangerous than I thought it was just a few years ago. I imagine i'll keep thinking that the older we get. Maybe it's because I have other kids that I'd leave behind if something happened. haha. I feel you on all of this.