Wednesday, August 24, 2011

2nd grade

Today Oliver started the second grade. I couldn't sleep last night because I was so nervous for him. I just know that feeling of being in a new class. Being worried and nervous. Ohh being a parent is so hard sometimes, because you know exactly what your kids are going through and life is know??

Cortney gave Oliver a blessing and then Henry got up in the chair he wanted his turn too... (yes his face is covered in cheetos from the night before....haha) Oh my little Henry...sure is growing up.

Rob lost his first tooth last week. Cute.

Henry really looks grown up standing here in between the two boys. Cute cute.

Almost time to go.

I had to take this picture of him once we got to the school. Look at that face. Doesn't it look scared. Poor baby. Oh it hurts my heart.

look at that....a picture of total and utter discomfort. It kills me how nervous this boy gets...I was just the same. I love him so much.

It was crazy having him gone all day. Henry kept saying "where's Oli?" all day long. When I went to go pick the boy up he said that no one in his class liked him...but he was just trying to play a joke on me. haha real funny. He had a good time. He doesn't like sitting indian style on the carpet....he says it hurts his legs so bad. Maybe he will reconsider wearing skinny jeans every day. He also said his teacher was bossy. Almost as bossy as me....hahaha. I like that. Keep him in line. I LOVE SCHOOL. It makes me so happy to have my kids learning new things. I love it.


Cindy said...

I can totally relate. I was EXACTLY the same way every fall when school started. And I hated watching that in some of my kids on the first day of school where I had to be the mom and act like everything was just fine! Always so glad when the first week was over.

Cali said...

Oli looks cute. Good job on his haircut Ash!

Isaac and Linh said...

your right oli does look like ike ha ha i love the hair!! :)