Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Oliver's baptism

I just re read this and noticed i used the word awesome like 300 times. Oh well, it was awesome...i am not going to change it.

Before I start my post on Oliver's baptism, I need to post this random picture of my boys sleeping. Oliver always sneaks into Rob's room at night. This specific night we found them really cozy-ing up. Don't mind the pillow with bloody nose stains on it...these things happen.

I have wanted to post about Oliver's baptism since the day it happened. It started out with me being more stressed then I have ever been in my life. Hahaa. I have been told I am dramatic (WhAT?) but this was real. We have been having a stressful life around here lately and I have been on a roller coster of emotions. Plus, stress really amplifies when you are pregnant. Like really.

Friday, Cali and I spent the day getting all of the food ready for the luncheon. Beyond that I was stressed but I still had to act like everything was okay and get everything ready. Cali kept telling me I needed to get over my problems quick so I could have a good baptism day.

Saturday morning I woke up bright and early so I could have everyone ready without having to rush at all. I didn't want to have the spirit driven out of our home by me yelling at everyone to hurry up (hey it happens...). It was amazing. The whole day was so awesome. All of my worldly worries and problems vanished for a full 24 hours . VANISHED. We all got bathed and ready with no conflict. We made it to the church early, everything went smooth. My stake does all of its baptisms at the same time, with each ward in a different room, and then we take turns with the font. So that was pretty hectic. I found my father-in-law waiting in the room with the spanish branch's baptism. haha. He wondered why he didn't recognize anyone.

We started with Cali giving the opening prayer. (Tyson had to come straight from football camp and then return after so he was in full pads it was awesome) Then my neighbor Sarah did a spotlight on Oliver (she is in the primary pres), after that the kids all sang "scripture power" it was awesome. Even Henry and Fiona went up there. Henry just stood there perfectly still looking awkwardly to the side. They sang really loud and I was really proud. My kids HATE to perform and I couldn't believe they did it. I am all about putting them out of their comfort zones as much as possible. Then Linh gave an awesome talk on baptism. She did a great job. Oliver really wanted her to be the one speaking. Then it was time to get baptized but it wasn't our turn so I did my talk on the Holy Ghost. Then we went and Cortney baptized Oliver. I was so proud of Oliver...his spikey hair barely went under. Haha. Then the confirmation. He was surrounded by so many uncles and a grandpa. It was awesome to see him surrounded by so many good men. Grandpa Bob finished it off with the closing prayer.

It was an amazing experience.

I think that is about as good as it gets for a mom. Totally makes it all feel worth it.

People there...
Shawn and Kandee with Shade, Morgan, Leah, and Aspen
Cameron with Leah
Bob and Roberta
Cindy (Roberta's Cousin...whom I adore...they look just like sisters I imagine they are just that close too) and her daughter Christine.
Jason and KaeLynn with Brooklyn, Zac, Eliza and Abby (stella in k's tummy)
Cali and Joe with Tyson, Jack, Carolina, Grace, and Fiona
Justin and Angelique with Dougie and Marion
Isaac and Linh
Allie and Mike
Grandma Jones
Jed and Sarah with kempton, Brooklyn, Ellie and Emmett (friends and neighbors)
Heidi (friend and neighbor and she conducted...so nice)
Holly (friend and in our ward 38 weeks pregnant and played the piano almost the whole time...what a trooper)
Bishop Shelly

We didn't take any good pictures the whole day. NO group pictures. Bahhh. I stole some from Linh's blog.

Henry watching Melmo waiting for it to start.

Oliver Cortney...with Cortney. What a great moment. (i love cort's tan line on his toes) Oliver was not thrilled about what he had to wear. Haha.

It seems like only yesterday he was in my tummy.

Afterwards Cali and Joey graciously hosted a luncheon for us. I could have never fed this many people at my house. The food....if I do say so was really good. Not that I ate much.

I know this doesn't look appetizing but we had pulled pork sandwiches and baked beans.

Linh made her amazing avocado egg rolls. AH MAZE ING

I went with quick and easy sides...remember I don't have an oven that works. It was all delish.

Aspen....I am obsessed with this girl. Too bad we don't live closer. Shawn and Kandee came all the way from Idaho. I was so happy they came.

joe zone

Me with Hens...he is by my side ALL THE TIME.

pretty morgan and a lot of the boice's.

I love his cookie on the chair next to him. That boy would live off cookies if he could.

I had to include this picture because here is KaeLynn, She delivered Baby stella 48 hours after this was taken. Awesome.
We had assorted ice cream novelties for dessert. (here I am passing them out)

Brooklyn with Marion...both adorable.

Cali and I. Cali worked so hard keeping the food stocked and everything set out. I couldn't of done it without her.

My Earl sister's (minus sam..booo) Angelique, Linh, Cali, Me, KaeLynn.

Ike and Linh with Oliver (yeah he had to change right out of his clothes).

Afterwards we took a little nap. :) Then we headed up to Cameron's house in Salt Lake. All the kids went swimming while the adults talked poolside (cali watched Henry for me. yay!). We ate pizza for dinner and just had the most perfect night. Then home to Cam's for a little ice cream and some more conversation. It was the PERFECT day.

It doesn't get any better than that. It really doesn't.

The next day was back to reality...but I was so grateful for the wonderful break from stress that I was given. I am also so grateful for Oliver and the great choices he makes. I really love my little family.


Samantha said...

Almost moreso than the fact that your son was BAPTIZED, that picture of him in bed with Rob makes him look SOO old. It makes me sad that I can't be there to celebrate with my family. I hope my nieces and nephews know me.

ashleyboice said...

They know and love you sam. Really.

Laura Lei said...

Ash, I can't believe he is old enough to be baptized. Amazing. I wish I lived closer, so our kids would know each other.I miss you. And can't wait to see the fourth Boice boy.

Earl Family said...


What a beautiful post. I got a little teary eyed reading this (it's all those post pregnancy hormones!) All of your hard work paid off. I am so happy I was able to attend. You are a good mom, raising good kids.

PS. the food was DELICIOUS!!!

Cindy said...

It was a beautiful day. So fun to be there!

Douglas and Connie Jones Earl said...

That is such a good memory for us to be able to read. We were happy to be able to catch you as you left on the phone for a minute. The families all came through with food and attendance.

bBchronicles said...

I CAN NOT believe we didn't get a picture with the SPECIAL BOY - I feel like driving down (right now) and doing that!!!!!!!! Such a fun/special time to be with you guys. I was OUT TO LUNCH as far as taking pictures that day - can't figure it out!!! THANKS for the "D"-LICIOUS food and company. Hugs, gmaBerta