Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I don't have much to post about.

I honestly think it is easier to spend absolutely no money then it is to just spend a little. Easier for me to have no money then a little. Easier in the fact that I just don't go to the store and that eliminates the whole problem. I went to target on Friday for henry's medicine and i couldn't remember the last time i had been there. Usually I go to target a couple of times a week....it felt weird. Like we had broken up and I was driving by his house in the night...you know?

Oliver had a dream yesterday night that his hand was cut open and bleeding and Jesus came and healed him. Rob had a dream the same night about justin beiber.

I cut henry's hair on Sunday. He looks so much older. I have pictures but now that cortney is using the computer he will have to email it to me.

Rob started throwing up in the night...i mean really throwing up. I mean like every thirty minutes and just so much. He is having to sit on the toilet with a bowl in his lap if you know what I mean. He begged me to take him to the doctor. I hate seeing him like this.

About a half hour ago I was sitting with Henry on my lap giving him a breathing treatment, and rob was on the couch next to me throwing up in a bowl. It was one of those Holy cow moments. One of those moments that make you really realize that you are totally doing the mom thing.

I don't know why Rob is throwing up.

I made my kids chicken nuggets (you know from the bag in the freezer section) for the first time in their life last night. I have never gotten those before. My kids thought they were amazing. hahaa.

Henry is a little better. He is crying a lot...especially when I have to help Robbie with something. He doesn't like me to close him out of the bathroom while we are inside.

Speaking of Henry. When he can't find me he always crawls down the stairs and looks for me in my bed under the covers. Hahaa. hmmmm what does that say about me??

Now a couple pictures from my phone.

The door to our bathroom has to be closed at all times...if Henry even hears the door open he runs there as fast as he can. He loves getting in the toilet or climbing in the sink. Drives me crazy. I have a sixth sense now to feel if the bathroom is open or not. This little guy is a trouble maker.

Rob said..."if you don't want me to barf on you you need to take me to the doctor right now!"

Can they do anything for kids that are sick this way??? I don't think so. He really wants me to take him, but there is no way not with a sick Henry too. Impossible


Rob loves to say abusive things to me when he is sick. He just said "what would you rather have me do, barf in your ear or in your mouth?" (he is still threatening me to take him to the doctor)


Angie said...

you can always just call the doctor and ask the nurse, that might help...at least that's what I do.

poor Rob though.

On the other hand, that picture of Henry in the sink is freakin adorable...what a cute mischievous smile he has.

Angelique said...

My parents used to give us Pepto Bismal mixed with some Sprite. The Sprite was just to make it taste better. I remember loving it for some reason.

Gords said...

I'd throw up too if I had a dream about Justin Beiber. Poor kid.

Cassidy said...

Poor Rob. Give him dromamine. They have chewable tablets. Helps with the nausea and makes him sleep right through it all. The doctor would just say give him lots of fluids. Its a bug that's been going around.

Myca said...

Oh Ash I feel your pain right now...my boys are SO sick too. Hang in there...and no they probably can't do much for Rob...unless he is really dehydrated then they might give him fluids and if he is still throwing up they might give him some anti-nausea meds, but thats only if you take him to the ER not the regular dr. I would wait it out...even though it is miserable. ps.I laughed out loud at what Rob says to you...so bad, but so funny.

{natalie} said...

oh gosh ash, i'm sorry you are the mom in this situation. and i'm sorry but i'm laughing at rob's "what would you rather..."

i hope everyone gets better asap.

ps i totally agree on the not going to the store thing. i usually send ethan bc otherwise i end up wandering the aisles and bringing home crap we don't need.

Sherry Ward said...

Poor Rob!! He is pretty hilarious though. I bet it was the chicken nuggets. Could be food poisoning?? Maybe not if the other boys didn't get sick though. Who knows... So sorry to hear.

lanita said...

Hang in there, girl. I still think back on months that we've had that were just awful and shudder. We feel your pain! Hopefully there's a light at the end of the tunnel soon.