Friday, February 18, 2011

Poor Henry

Henry is so sick today. He was up a lot in the night burning hot and trying to lay by me. Poor thing, he is never up in the night. He has an appointment later today, but I have a good feeling there will be nothing they can do.

Rob asked me if he can have a roommate that is a girl, or they just have to be boys...I assume he is talking about someday when he goes off to college. I asked why...and he said he wants to be roommates with Corrinna, a girl in his class. Oh boy.

Also...Henry has started showing interest in watching TV. It is so awesome.
I know it sounds funny that I would want my baby to watch TV I can put on barney and he will sit there while I shower....I am about to start looking way cuter (not really...but it's a good thought). Plus, I when I get pregnant with my next baby I know this tv watching will come in handy when I am super sick.

Yesterday Cortney and I went to the temple and then we had a free meal card at chubby's. The carolina pulled pork sandwich is to die for. This thing was enormous.

I don't think I have mentioned that my grandma Jones is living with Cali right now. She has been with her since december and leaves in March. Time is flying by and we are all wishing she would stay forever. I love having her around. Makes me kinda feel like I have my mom around. I KNOW that my kids are loving having a grandma around too. They love her. My kids always run in and give her a big hug. Henry and Fiona like to fight over her and try to get her to read to them. Grandma sits in that chair all day and almost always has a little one sitting by her. I know she loves it. :)


bBchronicles said...

POOR HENRY!!!!! That is the pits - for sure. That sandwich totally makes my mouth water. Precious photo of gma and the kids - you'll really cherish that one day. Hang in there momma!

Douglas and Connie Jones Earl said...

Great Blog, great picture of my Momma. Thanks!
Love Mom