Tuesday, February 22, 2011

hensbens hair cut

henry's hair was really getting long...

like really long.
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I was going to grow his mullet out until it was REALLY long but his hair is so curly and he sleeps a lot...so when he wakes up his hair is CRAZY. I huge puff ball around his head. It was getting out of control.

Here it is after...I know it doesn't look like much but I probably cut at least 2 inches off of all parts of his hair...if not more.

poor baby...he is so sick right now.

He looks just like he did a couple of months ago when he didn't have so much hair. It looks a lot better. I just don't think I am ready for him to be a grown up baby with a shaved head...so for now this will do.


bBchronicles said...

Oh Hens! He looks so cute, yet looks like he's still not feeling that great. Love the haircut - no shave-job yet!!!! Look at those HUGE eyes! Get better little buddy! Gma & Gpa pray for you every day!!!! Hugs & loves!

Sherry Ward said...

WOW!! I didn't realize HOW long that was until you combed it straight. Crazy! He looks more like a little boy now. :( Why do they have to grow so fast?

Cali said...

Missin' you.

duke of earl said...

I like the cut...it seems like it would be so hard to do on a small guy like Hens...didn't he get impatient?