Saturday, February 19, 2011

Oh Henry

I took Henry to the dr. At 3:30, his oxygen saturation was a little low and he had double ear infections. He had the worst cough and was really wheezy. He had a breathing treatment but still his saturation didn't get much better. So the doctor sent me over to the bronchitis clinic at the hospital in Provo. By the way, Henry weighs 26 lbs and doesn't help me hold him at it was a long walk into the hospital. Then a nurse made a little baby straight jacket for him out of a blanket, had me hold his head and suctioned his nose with a vacuum machine. Then she stuck a skinny little straw way up his nose and down his throat. He cried so hard. Then the nurse gave him some juice and everything was better.

Then we came home and I headed out to get stuff for the nebulizer and his antibiotic. I think he is going to make a turn for the better tomorrow. If not the doctor said i needed to bring him in in the morning.

My cute little guy, all of the nurses loved him.

He is still being so good...the sweet little thing...well except when he hit Fiona like 100 times.


Douglas and Connie Jones Earl said...

Poor Henry!! Iknew he had an ear infection! So sorry.
Love Mom

Anonymous said...

we have been thinking of sweet hens all day. bless that baby! i am so sorry, it is sooooo hard when they are small and young and sick.

i dont know if you would ever be interested....BUT it works sooo well for bodi when he gets ear infections. way better than antibiotics and clears it up much faster. 1-2 drops of garlic oil in ears twice a day. it works remarkably well!

love you guys!


Earl Family said...

Oh Ash. I am super sorry. Get well Henry!

peggy said...

Poor baby! Hope he gets better. So sad that Rob hurt his head too. It's so weird when your kids are finally old enough that they don't go to the doctor all the time. It's weird and very nice. We've been extremely lucky in the injury department but it's probably because we're all just a bunch of wimps that don't like to try things that are dangerous or scary. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but I'm afraid you are in for a lot more of that kind of stuff! Your kids are brave, adventurous and athletic which = injuries!!