Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Surgery...part two.

Cortney is having surgery today, at the same hospital that Rob had his surgery. It seems crazy to be here again...and I can tell people are wondering how they know us. It is so much better being here for Cort then for Rob. I know Cortney is going to be brave and be okay. What a relief.

He is getting his septum fixed and his sinuses fixed. He smashed his head snowboarding 12 years ago and had surgery...and his nose and sinuses have been bad ever since. He can't smell hardly anything. He CONSTANTLY has sinus infections. So constant that he doesn't even realize when he has one because it is his normal. When he got in the accident this summer they took a cat scan of his head and the doctor at the ER said, well your sinuses are definitely going to need surgery. We are grateful that he is going to be able to get that done today. YAY!

We got here this morning at 7:45.

I wouldn't be able to do this (or anything for that matter) without Cali's help. She has been watching my kids non stop these past 7 days. Wow.

Also I wanted to say that my neighbor Sarah picked up Oliver everyday from school this past week and I couldn't have survived without her also.

Thank goodness for good friends.

I keep asking Cortney if he is nervous...but he has had TONS of surgeries before. And this time it isn't an emergency which is nice for him. Usually he is really hurt and getting fixed. The surgery they are doing today will just totally improve his quality of life. He can't wait. (he isn't thrilled about the recovery, which sucks, but he can't wait to be able to breathe.)

I took a sweet picture of Cortney in his paper shorts. But it is on my other camera so I will have to post it later. It is awesome though.
Cort's schedule for today. haha


Gords said...

I had a septoplasty last year. Similar thing I think. The week after sucks, but once they take out those packings. Oh man, it's like a whole new life. Totally worth it.

Good luck.

Cassidy said...

That's hilarious that he posted it as a nose job.

Supercords said...

Wishing you a quick a full recovery Cort. Question: If they are operating in the nose area, won't they have to shave off that beautiful stache and beard? If so, I want pics!

Rae said...

Cort you are adorable. What a grin. You two are something else. I love whenever there is a pic of the two of you together. And Ash, I love that you posted the pic of his schedule. Very funny. Good luck with the recovery! I will be through SLC in mid Jan and will come see you!

Meridee said...

So now that we have officially met, I will leave a comment:) Geez Louise your plate is full. If you ever need a back up babysitter, I'm pretty dang good. I would totally help you guys out. I hope everyone starts feeling better around your house.