Tuesday, December 21, 2010

good intentions

First....since Cortney has been laid up sick in bed, all the pictures here had to be taken by me. I wish I knew how to use the camera. All of these are noisy and out of focus. :(

I have meant to post a million times. But between Christmas coming and Cortney being totally out of commission when it comes to helping the kids...I just haven't had one free second.

December has been crazy for us. I think I counted something like 17 doctor/dentist appointments so far. Yikes. That is a lot of running around for me. It has been pretty stressful.

I have been trying hard to still have the Christmas spirit around here. I am not a super decorator, and I actually have hardly any decorations (Oliver says it is because I don't like to waste money)...but we managed to make it look pretty beautiful in our house.

We decorated the Christmas tree the Sunday after thanksgiving. Since then I have covered the duct taped base with a red sheet. That tree is Henry proof. I love it.
I realize Rob is out of focus in this picture but I love how happy they both look in this picture.

I have quite a few nativities. I collect them. I have to be pretty selective now that I am getting too many. I either need a bigger house or smaller nativities.
This one here is the one that Cortney made for me for Christmas last year. I love it.

This one here I got in Mazatlan. My mom had one just like this when I was little. I liked to lick it sometimes when I was little. (yuck i know but it tastes like RAIN) This one makes me remember christmas' past.

Oliver gave me this ornament this year. Hilarious right? I love it so much. He couldn't wait for me to open it. He said "you are going to love it so much you might cry".

Rob's Ornament for me. He is such a cutie.

The boys have been building Tech Deck ramps all over the place. They play all day.

For like 5 years I have wanted the Lego advent calendar. I finally bought it this year. I decided I would probably NEVER have enough money for something so frivolous so I might as well just get it. It was 30 dollars and worth EVERY penny.

Every day the kids get to build something. Notice the mom and dad in the back corner holding a loaf of bread and a big ole sausage.

This day we happened to open a set to build a naked santa showering with a scrub brush. Weird?? But so lego. (next to him is a plane, one of the kids presents).

And this is what Cortney has been doing.

Did I mention it was his birthday yesterday?? We had a great night out, I will post about that later (i hope)

Lastly a nativity Cali and I made together. It is so cute. I love it.

I have got to go. I can hear my kids disobeying Cortney upstairs.


Samantha said...

It's projects like that last one that makes me the saddest that I'm not there. (Not to be a debbie downer.)

Merry Christmas. Hope Cort feels better.

Cindy said...

Love it all, but especially the lego advent. My son, Josh, still loves legos and he is 30! When he passed the bar he went and bought himself a big star wars lego project! Haha! His wife wants to get him the lego nativity so he can build it every year. I think I'm going to go check out the lego store at Downtown Disney.

Thanks for the cute card. Have a Merry Christmas!

Angelique said...

I love the kids' Christmas ornaments and the nativity Cortney made you. Dougie made his first "homemade" ornament in nursery and it is my favorite. I might have to copy you and post a picture of it.

Rae said...

Ash, your pictures are great are you kidding? I would have never guessed they were not cortney's doing. And the ornaments are the best.