Friday, December 10, 2010

Poor me.

I have been feeling so sorry for myself these past couple of days. Haha.

I keep telling Cali, how I am just here doing all this horrible stuff, and no one cares.

I know people are praying for us and feel sorry for me and all of that...but there is just something about sitting around in your pajamas for 3 days cleaning up spills and holding a crying 5 year old that just makes you feel ALL ALONE.

My mom doesn't like when I complain. I don't blame her I hate to hear Oliver complain.

Last night Rob was getting some special treatment and Cali said to Oliver "Oliver life isn't fair" to which he responded "yeah, especially for me." Haha.

It is hard for me to be stuck inside. I have been in the worst mood. (which translates to me being grouchy).

The good news is...Rob is feeling a little better today. He is so much work but I have been able to leave his side today. Like right now for instance I am right across the room from him and he is watching TV.

I know I am so blessed, I know I have a WONDERFUL life. Just right now, right this minute it is pretty darn hard.

Got to go he needs a "red otter pop FAST".


cort said...

Hang in there baby, I will come to relieve you in a couple of hours.

angie said...

oh ash i'm so sorry. hopefully life gets better soon!

bBchronicles said...

Hopefully, this is as worse as it gets - BUT, since R.O.B. is genetically setup like his dad, I can almost promise you'll look back on these days as some of your EASIEST - speaking from experience! There WILL come a time when you'd give your 'right arm' and possibly your 'left leg' to have the OLD DAYS back!!!!!! Now, I hope that was comforting (haha) ! ! ! Chin up youngin' - the sun will shine again!