Friday, May 21, 2010

what we do

My kids are definitely ready for summer. All winter long I kept thinking "wow Rob has totally outgrown running away to the neighbors house"...but it turns out it was just too cold out. Everyday I start to think..."Rob's really being quiet I better check on him" sure enough he is always over at Sarah's house. One time he was over on her doorstep with a whole bunch of toys just waiting for them to come home. It is seriously so annoying. It will take a couple more groundings before he stops doing it...I'm sure (please let that be true). The boys are totally obsessed with climbing trees and Sarah has an awesome tree for climbing. It is all Rob thinks about. Yesterday he told Sarah "call 911, because I am stuck". He is asking Sarah to help him get unstuck every three seconds. If I were her I would just send him home.

Anyways...Cort took some pictures of the kids climbing a tree at the park. (these are phone pics so not the best quality)

whoops...I guess first up is a picture of Henry....this is what he does all the time...hahaha.

gotta love this one of Rob.

They were up pretty high. Luckily I wasn't there...that is totally something just dads should witness.

Here Oliver is across the street from our house looking for trees to climb.

The other thing the boys do is ride scooters and skateboards. They love it.

This is Oliver posing for Cortney...he is so cheesy. I love the foot up on the car and him looking longingly at his skateboard. Oh and you gotta love the bird poop on the car. He CRACKS me up.

Rob is getting so good at riding a scooter. Too bad he doesn't have one and he freaks out if Oli tries to ride the scooter (which Oliver got for Christmas) I HAVE to buy another one before my kids kill each other. (doesn't he kinda look like Carter, Boices?)

I don't know if I have mentioned it before but Oliver gets holes in his pants. He wears pants for 1 month and then blamo...a hole. It drives me nuts. However, one of my friends told me about Shopko's tough kid guarantee. They let you exchange anything with a hole in it no questions receipt, no explanation. It just needs to be same brand same size. I have bought 3 pairs of pants there and have probably replaced them 12 times. Seriously it is the best. The jeans I get on sale for around 17-20 dollars...which is more then I usually spend...but to be able to replace them 3 weeks later for another pair worth ever extra penny. Plus he has worn the same size pants for a year now. I love it. Talk about a good deal.

Rob with the neighbor Kempton. They love playing with him...and ask me everyday if they can.

Here in this last picture is the other thing my kids do. FIGHT. It drives me crazy. I can barely handle it. I just know I am in for years and years of this.

Cortney happened to capture Rob getting mad about something and trying to tackle Oliver and Oliver, nonchalantly hitting Rob in the head. OYE.


angie said...

love your boys!

Samantha said...

Ash- i know this post is about your older boys (and that was SUPER high in the tree- I agree I'd freak out!) but I want to say how in love I am with henry. He is so luciously chubby. The last post with those photos were to die for.

Christensen's said...

I hope you know that I really love it when they are here. I usually send Kempton to your house to bring them over. I don't have to entertain him when Rob and Oliver are here. Love the pictures! I am going to have to take Kempton over to Center Street Park now that he is so into climbing trees!

vjc said...

Wow, Oliver is growing up. they all are i guess.

Douglas and Connie Jones Earl said...

Great pictures! Thanks!
Love Grandma Connie

lanita said...

Oh my goodness! My boys would have a FIELD DAY in those trees. I would never get them down!