Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Cortney's BEST day ever.

Seriously...the boy loves fishing. He LOVES it...so much in fact that he will stand in below freezing weather/water braving snow and ice just to get a little fish action.

Last week he and two of his friends Jory and Sam headed up to strawberry res. to fish the lake as it started to thaw...I guess it makes for some awesome fishing.


Some how there are no pictures of Jory...too cold to take out the camera I guess...Jory fell in the first couple of minutes they were there...but was a trooper and didn't complain the whole freezing time.

Cort caught 1 that was big enough to bring home...what a beauty...and look at his happy face.

Sam with one of his fish.

So Cortney brought 1 fish home...he rarely brings fish home (he says it is different in lakes...I don't know why it has something to do with leaving the fish in the river to catch again I think). Anyways, Jory gutted it, Cortney deboned it and I cooked it. YUMMMMY. It was delicious. Talk about fresh fish. There wasn't one ounce of fishyness (is that a word) to it.

We had two of these babies...enough for the 4 of us to eat. The kids loved it and thought it was amazing to eat something dad had caught. (I was no where near as adventurous when it came to eating as a child...no where near.) Oh and please don't mind my dirty grill...it is barely grilling season and I haven't cleaned it off from the winter.

YUM. I love fish.


bBchronicles said...

Holy-friggin-C.O.L.D.! ! ! ! Looks d-licious!

cort said...

Thanks for posting that! You are right that was pure bliss, I mean look at that first picture and tell me that that doesn't look awesome. There is nothing like 30mph wind, super hard snow blowing in your face, and standing in 32.5 degree water for 4 hours:) It puts a smile on my face just thinking about it. Thanks for letting me go B!

bBchronicles said...

You look like Henry in that SECOND photo!!!!hahahaha

Chasin Trout said...

I was so happy to read this post. I am cooking my fish right now and we got really cool photos tonight. I agree thanks for letting us boys go. jory

Douglas and Connie Jones Earl said...

Too cold for me. Great job Cort!

Toilet's Blog said...

In the words of Garth brooks totally awesome!!! Hey cort take some pics of some carp you catch this summer those are pretty big to. nice catch boys