Thursday, May 27, 2010


Cortney never tries to surprise me. So when last week he asked me to find a babysitter for Wednesday I was shocked. He and Joey had a surprise date night planned for Cali and I. All day they were trying to trick us and get us off their scent. It was strange. 11 years I have known Cortney and this was the only the second time he tried to surprise me.

I am not sure I like surprises.

Anyways, I asked my friend Corinne to watch my kids. It was perfect because I knew we were going to be gone like 6 hours and for that kind of baby sitting you need someone older...someone that knows what they are doing. She used to be one of my young women...but has grown up and moved out of the ward. I was thrilled when she said she would watch them. I think it has been over a year since I had my last babysitter that wasn't family.

Joey and Cali came to pick Cortney and I up and we headed straight to the Hale Center theater. I had figured this was the surprise and as we pulled in I said "oh I am glad this is what it is, because Cali and I were scared it was going to be a concert we were going to and we really don't want to stand up all night." Then Joey pulled out of the parking lot and headed to Salt Lake. He and Cort had planned on going their as a "trick". Funny huh?? As we got on the freeway Joey turned on a CD and turned up the music. Sure enough...we were headed to a CONCERT. hahaa. Whoops I guess I put my foot in my mouth there. The boys had seen that one of their favorite bands was coming to Salt Lake City and had snatched up tickets. I couldn't believe that they kept it quiet for two whole months. So anyways the band we went to see was Laura Marling. Both boys have been obsessed with her for a while now. I thought I was going a little crazy because everywhere we went together they would play her music...turns out they were trying to get us ready for the upcoming concert. Which is funny because it actually worked and I recognized almost every song she played.

First we stopped for dinner at Acme burger. A delicious burger place. Yummy, yummy sweet potato fries, and to die for homemade potato chips SMOTHERED in bleu cheese and bacon. However don't order their sampler platter...the ahi spring rolls tasted super fishy. So fishy in fact Cali had to spit hers out (and it isn't because we don't like tuna...). Everything else I ate though was so good. They even had a chips and salsa appetizer that comes with melted butter for you to dip your chip in before the salsa...YES PLEASE. Joey ordered a bison burger and Cortney ordered a 12 oz burger. I couldn't believe he finished it. WOW.

Then it was on to the show. The venue was Kilby Court. A funny hole in the wall "garage" that fits a couple hundred people. It is down in SLC's dodgy part of town. The pictures of the actual place are not mine...I got them online somewhere.

Here is the outside...the place where they bands play is the silver part. Behind the red fence is an open area with random chairs and a bonfire...and all sorts of grungy looking teenagers sitting in the dirt

Here is the actual stage area inside the building. We pushed our way up to the front and were in the second row....right in front of Laura. Fortunately for us...the shortest girl EVER was standing in front of us (as seen in the picture below) it was actually like being in the first row.

When the show started I was in awe. She was amazing (our boys were in love...seriously Joe looked like he was going to cry). So good live...and the venue was so small and cozy that it felt like...we knew her. Cali and I kept saying "it smells like high school in here". Which is funny because when we were in high school we were so naive that we didn't know what we were smelling was weed...hahaa. The smell there was a combination of cigarette smoke, weed, beer, body odor and toots from the boy standing in front of us. I am not kidding you, and my mom would hate me writing this but there were times we could barely breath. Whomever it was that stunk wasn't trying to hold one in...he was just letting them rip. We were so close to the front I am sure Laura could smell it too...cali said "I hope she doesn't think it was us"....hahahaa.

It was a great night. I was EXHAUSTED when I got back home. I was asleep minutes after hitting the pillow. oh...and of course Henry only slept 45 minutes the whole time I was gone. ANNOYING. He must have been too excited to see Corrine. The boys loved her and had the best time. Rob told her she should ask her mom if she can come over and play another time. hahaha.

Thanks Cortney and guys did a good job.

Here is a little clip Cortney recorded during the show. Seriously you guys should check her out (her voice, songwriting, guitar playing...all amazing).

laura Marling from ashley boice on Vimeo.

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lysh said...

Ya that post had me totally laughing! That sounds like so much fun. She does sound amazing live. Wow!