Wednesday, May 26, 2010

some random phone pictures.

Tonight we took a family walk. It was so nice out and so great to get out and spend time together. The boys were exhausted when we got home.

a crappy picture taken with my phone. I love when Cortney skateboards. It makes me feel like we are young again (I am sure it makes him feel old...hahaa). I usually hate when women say stuff like this but...he is really attractive to me when he skates.

Yesterday we woke up to snow. Boo. It stuck around almost all day too. In fact tonight while I was grilling up some shish kabobs I found some leftover snow and hit Cortney with a snowball...I have NEVER successfully hit Cortney with a snowball...and I try all the time. It was awesome. Oliver said I was acting like a kid tonight (because I tried to skateboard, I threw a snowball and because I jumped on the is crazy how to me, that to him I am just some old lady.)

Henry and Fiona's first trip to the get books for their moms...not for story time.

LOOK at his hand on her back isn't that to DIE for?? It me.

He was laying back relaxing and she sat up straight the whole perfectly describes their personalities.

Life is good...what can I say??


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{natalie} said...

i love this post. and i love nights like that. we walked around the neighborhood with the kids riding bikes and it was so perfect.

ps henry is to die for and i still want to steal him.

Gords said...

Soak it up, you do have it good!

Cindy said...

The hand on the back is awesome. But I like those cute little round bald heads too!

Angelique said...

I love going on walks...looks like a great time.

Love the pics of the babies in the stroller.