Wednesday, May 26, 2010

chicken dance

Today was Oliver's school's Dance Festival. He was MORTIFIED. For weeks the kid has been telling me that he didn't have to go to the dance part...that his teacher told him if I said it was okay he didn't have to go. I wasn't falling for that...I wasn't born yesterday. So I made him do it. I didn't however make him dress up like a cowboy. He begged me to not make him dress up. I can't believe my kindergartner cares that much. I took a video but he would kill me if I posted it. So here are some snap shots.

look how embarrassed he looks.

Even as much as he didn't want to do it he was still concentrating so hard to do it right. He kept telling his partner what to do.


He is so glad kindergarten is over.


Douglas and Connie Jones Earl said...

Good job Oliver!

bBchronicles said...

What a cute kid - yes, hard to concentrate when you have your parents looking on WITH a camera! Can't believe he's a FIRST grader - scares the heck out of me! Sure proud of him. Congrats you guys! These are exciting times.

Earl Family said...

I love it.

Cali said...

that sucks that oli has to dance with someone else.We do that in 6th grade.

vjc said...

he is a jr high teenager in a kindergarten body