Saturday, March 06, 2010


So in the last month I started my medications again. I feel so much better. Wow.

The first day I went to go pick up my prescription at the pharmacy I asked first before they filled it to see how much it was going to cost. She checked my insurance and everything and then came and told me it was going to be $1,333.00. Ummmm...what? For 4 little shots. She preceded to tell me that that would only be the first month then after that I would have met my deductible and it would be $333, for every month after the fist month. Yikes I couldn't believe it...I mean we don't have that kind of scratch. So I told her I wouldn't be filling it right then and that I would have to explore my options.

So anyways I went home and went on to the drugs website, filled out a simple online form and then the company that makes enbrel sent me a card in my email that makes my prescription 100 percent free. Yup...FREE. I couldn't believe it. They pay 100% for the first 6 months and then after that I have to pay 10 bucks. What a miracle. What a blessing.

Each of these babies is 400 dollars. Probably one of the most expensive things in my house. These are the self injecting ones...the hurt so bad but it is pretty awesome how it works.
I have to do the injection on the front of my stings like you wouldn't believe and I have to leave the needle in for 15 seconds until the needle pops out on it's own. My right leg always looks like this a couple of days after...then comes a bruise. It heals just in time for me to do it again. (I alternate I guess it takes 2 weeks for the bruise to disappear).

Side really should have put some lotion on. My leg looks all chalky and blotchy. hahaa

So for forever I have been working on getting my blog into a book ( finally finished 2007 and sent it off to the printer on Feb 18th...the completed book got here on the 26th...they sure are fast. I was so happy....(it is so awesome)

2007 ended up being 240 pages long.

I can't wait to get my other years done now that I have seen how awesome it turns out.

Tomorrow I have to teach Relief Society in my ward...I have been having a nervous breakdown all week. is like my worst nightmare. I can't wait for tomorrow to be over with.


Adri said...

1) That is SOOO awesome about your medication being paid for. I can't believe how expensive! What a huge blessing!
2) You have the skinniest thigh I have ever seen. :)
3) I'm still trying to print my 2007 book. I had all but given up, but you've reinspired me.

Angelique said...

I thought that was your arm, not your leg. Skinny, skinny. And yeeouch, is right. That is a huge mark on your leg. So glad it's free and that you are feeling good.

Cindy said...

Ohhh, Ashley! You are smart and brave. Smart for finding your meds online, and brave for doing the shots. I'm so glad they help you feel better.

Good luck on your lesson. I'll bet you do an awesome job. We'll be waiting for the report!

Cindy said...

ps: love your book....

angie said...

I too thought it was your I must hate you for being so skinny. haha

that is crazy how ridiculous those meds lucky that you got the hook up!!

Douglas and Connie Jones Earl said...

You are a strong and independant woman. You can do hard things.
We are so proud of you.
Love Mom (and Dad)

Scott & Tami said...

How much did your book cost? I have got to get us one. I'm so glad you got your medicine affordable....way to go...that's amazing.

Supercords said...

Bring your book on Thursday night, I want to check it out. I recall hearing about this site, but have never seen a finished product. I have more questions about it, but I'll wait for Survivor Night.

Sherry Ward said...

Can't wait to see your book! I'm sure you did an AMAZING job in RS!! I always loved listening to your lessons in YW!

Mandi said...

Your book looks great...your arm, not so much!!! Ouch! But glad it makes you feel better!

lanita said...

Ashley, Ashley, Ashley. We need to talk shots! Instead of forking out $2600/month for mine, I pay a mere $100/month with our stellar insurance. Thank our lucky stars. Also, I always thought I would use the auto-injector, but in the end it scared me more than doing it myself. In the 3 years of doing injections, I have not once used it. I think I like having a little more control over the whole thing. Seriously, we should talk. There just aren't too many people out there who can empathize with self-injections!