Tuesday, March 16, 2010


First let me say that I think the whole time changing thing is BRUTAL. Especially when you have to get up for 9:00 church. Wow. We somehow happened to make it only 3 minutes late. Robbie had to give a talk and also say a prayer. I wrote the talk during sacrament meeting...slacker...I know. He did a great job...I am always in shock when he will just go up there and do like he is supposed to. He never does what he is supposed to do. He spoke pretty clearly and loudly into the microphone. He always acts like he is so awesome afterwards too...i love him.

Cameron and Leah came over on Sunday evening...it was Cam's birthday. We had lasagna (Cali saved my bacon and suggested I just buy a frozen lasagna from costco instead of worrying about what I should make for dinner) it was delicious...Cam brought a salad and we finished it off with dessert. All of the food was so good that we all ate ourselves sick. It was fun having them over. We love having them so close and try to get together once a month...it doesn't always happen that way but we love seeing them when it does.

We gathered together all the paper and crayons we could find (both very scarce in this house) and made up some cards for Cameron. Robbie is starting to try and write letters...it is very frustrating for him but he really does a great job...especially considering he hasn't been in preschool yet.

Oh and yes I am in my PJ's...Cortney and I had gotten in a long sunday nap...which I wouldn't have been able to do if I had been slaving over a hot stove all day...thank goodness for Costco lasagnas.

Henry got in on the action too.

What a cute boy huh? He is growing so fast and turning into a chunk. He is starting to look exactly like Oliver...don't believe me...tomorrow I will post pictures.

Oh....I hope he stays blue eyed...

He loves to watch TV it doesn't even matter what is on if the tube is on that is where his eyes are looking.

Cam is such a good uncle...playing uno with my boys takes A LOT of patience. I love Rob is sitting in this picture. He has always had the best posture.

And of course what birthday would be complete without candles and a cake.
It was a great night and my kids were very worn out once Cam and Leah left...which is always a plus.


amber said...

that baby is to diieee for. miss you guys.love ya

Sherry Ward said...

That pic of Hens watching TV is soooo cute and made me laugh so hard!