Saturday, March 27, 2010


tonight I went to the Young Women's Broadcast, for my church. Wow.

I dreaded going...just because...I feel like I haven't seen Cortney in two weeks, and it is always hard to leave my little Henry. I just feel anxious when I am away from him. is always stressful for me to find church clothes that actually fit my post baby body.

The second I walked into the conference center, I felt all of that melt away. Seeing thousands of young women dressed in church clothes walking the streets of Salt Lake is amazing. We are a force.

When President Monson walked in 20,000 teenage girls were instantly silenced. I watched him closely as he walked in, as he passed by his wife he gently put his hand on her cheek. My breath caught at seeing such a intimate gesture from such a powerful man.

It was so great to hear the talks...much needed. I am so grateful I went. The best part though was when we all sang together the closing song. Wow...we good, so powerful. All of the thousands of female voices together, singing so loud. The air felt thick with music. I can barely describe how amazing it was.

Then after it was all over I needed to use the restroom...I took a handful of girls with me and we headed to the bathrooms. There were like 100 bathroom stalls in the bathroom, it was incredible. We have some smart smart people in the church. The bathrooms alone deserve the last Wow I am going to type in this post. Wow.


Natalie said...

YEP. Christine and I went to the broadcast at our stake center and it was POWERFUL. I took lots of notes. Afterward, a friend and I took our girls out for dinner and talked about it. It was great for the moms/leaders as well as the girls. I walked out feeling so inspired.

Angelique said...

Maybe it's because it's 3am or maybe it's just because I love the gospel. But either way, this post gave me goose bumps and made me teary-eyed. (In a good way.) How neat that you got to go to SLC for it.

bBchronicles said...

AMEN, Sista! We were in our Stake Center and you could feel that SAME feeling - powerful, strong, unified . . . the gospel continually amazes me!

Douglas and Connie Jones Earl said...

That kind of describes many of our days here. We have a lot of wow moments. We get to hear DVD with the apostles every week and the church is so true. Dad D