Tuesday, November 24, 2009

mike's home

Michael got home from his mission in Paraguay last Wednesday. It was awesome. The kids were so excited. They counted down the days for about two weeks. It is weird that my last little brother Miguelito is home from his mission. I guess he is a big boy now.
The waiting was killing the kids...
Rob (after waiting 20 minutes he was "bout to barrrff" and ready to go home)

My parents were really excited. My dad stood like this to make sure we wouldn't miss him coming. They spent the week getting ready for Mike to get here.

Cali and I can't resist acting like total idiots when we see Cortney with the Camera.

Tyson's sign. All of the kids kept telling mike to dominate them. Cute. I remember my uncles coming home from missions...it's a pretty big deal.

Mom and Mike...he couldn't believe how long Mom's hair is.

that is a happy look on mom's face. I can only imagine how that will feel...pretty awesome I would think.

Grandma Aha and Mike reunited. Really Grandma is like a sibling to Mike. Being the last child in a big family gets lonely I am glad they had each other.

Look at that face...thats true happiness also.

Dad and Mike...oh and Cali. I had to put this picture on because all three people have the same nose.

The whole group minus Cort.

Oh man it is so great to have Mike home. He is so cute and just the same. What a good boy.


Christensen's said...

Cute little brother. It is fun to see pictures of your family. Love that Rob always says he is about to barf...silly boy!

nicole boice said...

I just got the biggest pang of missing you. I am looking up cheese ball recipes on allrecipes and getting ready to go to the grocery store to start the thanksgiving cooking and i totally miss you so bad. It feels weird to not have you here doing this with me. Who is going to appreciate all the delicious things that i'm going to make?? Enjoy your family this year, cause I want you back next year. Also, I can't wait to see Henny, and you're already so stinkin skinny it makes me jealous.

AJ said...

WOW!! I can't believe that it has been two years already. It is amazing how fast time is flying by. You have a great family. Your parents should be proud of raising such great kids.