Tuesday, November 17, 2009

bath time

We keep meaning to take some pictures of Henry but by the time Cortney gets home it is dark out...and the weekends just get away from us. Sunday we did manage to get some pictures of him in the bath. Cortney kept saying that he looks like an alien. hahaa...babies do look like aliens a lot of the time.

I am in my pj's with no make up on in this picture but...I like it.

I love kissing my babies. Which is probably why we are all sick here. Baby Henry included. Poor thing can barely breath through his nose. Me and the three boys sat around watching movies and napping all day...well henry and I napped the boys mostly just watched tv. I hope we get better soon...I can't stand being sick.

My brother Mike D gets home from his mission in Paraguay tomorrow. I can't wait to see him.


bBchronicles said...

These pictures are GREAT. He sure looks like a 'boice boy'! He's taking on a total look of his own though. Sorry to hear your sick. I'm not kidding, I've come down with a cold after intestinal flu, H1N1 - not my year. GET BETTER SOON!

angie said...

so cute ash. sorry you guys are all sick...that's not fun. but atleast you can get some good naps in. :)

Sherry Ward said...

I LOVE that last pic!! So adorable of you both.

Corinne said...

I think he looks a lot like Rob, SO cute!

Christensen's said...

I feel like I haven't seen you or the baby in forever. I need to come visit!