Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Cortney and I took the weekend to start going through our storage room. AYE. What a pain and what a mess. Three days later and we are still living in pure chaos. Put we are throwing away tons and tons of stuff, I have nearly gotten all of my baby to 5 year old clothes organized by size, and we have come to find out that Cortney is quite the pack rat. In the whole entire storage room there is maybe one tupperware of my stuff. Everything else is Cortney's or Children's clothing. I love it.

I have always been someone that doesn't keep a lot of storage. Moving every 6 months for 7 years will do that to you. But we have been in this house for 3 years now (our record) and the storage room just got a little out of control. It will be so nice to have it done and one more thing off of my list of things to do before the baby comes.

Last night when we were saying prayers I asked rob "what are you thankful for??" to which he responded "storage, I am thankful for storage.".

How cute is that the little guy must have been listening to me tell Cortney how grateful I was for such a big storage room, earlier in the day. Haaa.

I have an update coming from the reunion as soon as I get this house all cleaned up. It should only take a couple of trips to DI and a couple of trips to the dump. Hallelujah.


Earl Family said...

Ash. That is so awesome. You inspire me. Not that I am going to be doing that anytime soon....you still inspire me. When does Oli start school? AM or PM?

ashleyboice said...

Oli starts school on Thursday. YAY! He will be going in the PM I went back and forth trying to decide what to do...but I just know with a new baby AM would have been a lot harder to make it to.

AJ said...

Congrats for getting your storage area cleaned. It is amazing how much stuff we accumulate and then keeping it organized is another project. But it sure feels good when it is all done.

Angelique said...

Sigh...I'm jealous.