Wednesday, August 19, 2009

the drive

So Cali and I just got back from what is probably the last road trip we will take together for a long time (boooo hoooo). We have loved so much being able to fit in one car. It really helps to have someone to talk to and someone to help with the kids and such when one is driving (Cali always drives). On the way down the kids were pretty great. They really are such good travelers. And it is NO easy feat driving 12 hours with someone right next to you bugging you all day long. It is a pretty jam packed van.

Here are a lot of car pictures. I just think they are funny.

Both on the way there and back the three front row kids fell asleep right after lunch and stayed that way for a while. It sure helps to have half of our kids asleep.

We always leave SUPER early (4:00 am) so we can get a lot of driving done before lunch. On the way home we didn't stop for lunch until LeGrand. That is like 9 hours into our trip. We had stopped once to pee before that but it was a fast stop. Our kids are road warriors.

On the way back Cali and I were the weakest links. We had to PEE a lot. I don't know I guess two pregnant women equal a lot of bathroom breaks. We love rest areas...I know gross. But...the kids get to run around and there are no treats for them to get distracted by.

Letting all of their wiggles out with a couple of laps around the building.

On the way home the kids weren't as good for some reason. They were still good but, they were all very hyper. After lunch we got a couple of red boxes and that settled them right down. At one point right before we stopped for lunch they were all crying and freaking out. So I sneaked this video clip. Yes they are all buckled and in car just doesn't appear that way. Tyson was the only one that realized I was taking a video.

We had a great time but are so glad to be back. It was a bittersweet last ride...we are really going to miss our long car trips.

I guess this goes without saying but in case it doesn't...No more road trips because come October Cali and I will have 8 kids between the two of us...we'd have to have a huge old van.

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