Saturday, May 09, 2009

what my kids do when the are supposed to be sleeping

The kids always mess around when they are supposed to be trying to sleep. A couple of days ago when they woke up in the morning they were both covered in pen. Man the things kids do.
I especially love the backwards BYU on Rob's forehead. 

I also thought the pen beard was awesome and I can't believe that Rob actually let Oliver write on his eyelids.   Both of their legs and tummies were also covered in scribbles. 

i can feel the baby moving.  It is amazing being pregnant again now that I am out of the yucky stuff.  Pretty dang awesome, if you ask me. 


Berta said...

Loving the beard - the mustache has a level of sophistication as well! BUT, the BYU 'backwards' rules! Can't make out what's BETWEEN the eyes - R.O.B.ster's lucky he still has eyes! What did Oli look like?

CONGRATS, on the baby - how sweet is that? That's pretty exciting. So glad you're feeling better.

Luv you guys -

Angelique said...

Creative kids. Yay for baby movement..I also love that feeling.

Cindy said...

Too hilarious! So glad they got the BYU right! And so glad you got pictures of it. Feeling the baby move is the bestest.

mumovearls said...

Holy Cow! that is funny! Love the BYU that is a true fan!-Nena

I love being able to feel the baby when I've been pregnant. It's such a special time.

lysh said...

Was Oliver covered too? Or did he just use Rob as his canvas?