Tuesday, May 12, 2009


So I know I am late with my mother's day post. My two mom's know I love them...and I do. I am so grateful for them and the friends they are to me in my life.

As I sat outside yesterday watching my children jump on the trampoline and eating popsicles...I couldn't stop thinking how grateful I am to be a mom.

All my life I wanted to be a stay at home mom. People kind of thought it was weird that that was all I aspired to be. It is kind of weird...even now, I honestly don't know what I would do in my life if being a mom was suddenly not an option. I struggled with the idea of going back to work when Cortney was laid off. It was the logical answer to our problems. Cortney couldn't really work much and collect unemployment, but I could work as much as I wanted. Cortney and I decided I would still stay home. (it helped that I was puking my guts up for a big portion of the time he was unemployed.) We were blessed during that time, and still are. I love more then anything getting to be a mom.

I don't know if this makes sense or not. I am NEVER EVER up this early (it is 8:19 as we speak). Lazy...I know but I have old kids and a husband who takes Oli to school (and gets him dressed and feeds him).

Oli...the boy who made me a mom.  First children, there is nothing like them.  He is a wonderful boy.  

Rob, rob...what can I say about this boy?  Let me start it off with how broke down he looks in this picture.  The poor boy had one of those key chains that is on a retractable string (so you can hook it to your belt and still use your keys) and he pulled back the string, let it go and it hit him in the eye.  OUCH.  We are also in the process of removing the wart on his forehead...and he was eating at the time the biggest cheese puffs I have ever seen. 

This boy...is the apple of my eye.  I can't get enough of him.  Yet he is just so naughty.  So naughty that Cortney and I can't help but sit and laugh.  Yesterday he helped himself to 6 popsicles.  There is nothing I can do to stop him, that boy will climb to any heights to get food.  


cort said...

You the best mom for those 2 kids. You make some pretty good babies.

Angelique said...

I hear ya on the "always wanting to be a mom". Who needs a career??

Christensen's said...

I love the pictures of California. I almost laughed out loud when I saw then pen pictures of Rob...too funny!