Thursday, May 07, 2009

venice beach and hollywood

I love Disneyland.  I mean I really love it.  I was so happy the whole time we were there.  It was a great trip and one that I won't forget.  My kids loved it and Rob hasn't stopped talking about it since.  After 3 magical days in both parks we packed up and spent the night at our friends Timmy and Mandy's house.  Timmy and Cortney have been friends for years.  They met us our first day at Disneyland and we had a great time seeing them. 

Thursday morning we headed up towards venice beach to meet Cort's brother griffin, who lives in hollywood.  It was so great to see him and we had a great lunch and a fun time watching all of the people that hang out there.  The boys (all three of them) loved loved the beach.  

I was freezing at the beach.  I don't know how the kids do it. 

These are all pretty self explanatory...

Rob slowly got wetter and wetter...he went all the way under.  It was seriously freezing but he didn't care. 

then uncle griffin came...yay!

Cortney being the awesome dad that he is washed the kids off in the freezing cold showers


Oliver's hair went crazy from being wet and then under a hat.  he looked awesome. 

Rob was so exhausted he fell asleep in the car on our way to Hollywood to see Griff's wife Katrina.  (whom I have no pictures off...sigh...)

He slept for a while. 

Griffin and Katrina have the cutest apartment ever.  I love it.  It was soooo great to see them.  I miss them living so far away but am so excited for their awesome and exciting life.  We had a great time seeing them...even though it was such a short visit. 


Melissa B. said...

You have such handsome boys. Love Oliver's messy hair. He is so cute. I might have an arranged marriage in the future. I have 2 darling girls you know. then we could really be sisters

Scott & Tami said...

Those boys of yours are so dang cute!!!! Sounds like it's been a fun time.

Angelique said...

I'm so glad you were able to go on this trip. What a blast!

The Kraus House said...

Ahh, Venice beach the people watching is killer. So glad you guys had a great visit. How are you feeling?

Our love to ya.

lysh said...

I can't believe they got in the water!! There's no way I are so crazy like that. I love that picture of Oliver...he is looking so handsome. He really is going to have a hard time keeping the ladies away!