Friday, May 29, 2009

peru, entry 1

I have made it to Peru. It was a long day of flying...and I was on standby on both flights. I have never flown standby before and I thought there would be like 4 or 5 other people also flying standby. But just to Atlanda there were 43 people that were listed before me. I couldn't believe it. I was a nervous wreck. I boarded the plane with 2 minutes until take off, my seat was next to two missionaries on their way to Charlotte, NC.

Once I made it to Atlanta I had 5 hours before my flight to peru took off. I tried to rexlax but was still a little stressed out from flying standby. The time slowly passed and finally it was ready to see if my name got called. I was honestly one of the last people and there were a lot again. But...When I did get called my ticket was on buisness class and let me tell you, there started some of the best 6 hours in my life. It was awesome...I was waited on hand and foot. The food was endless and delish. My seat reclined all the way back and I couldn't reach the seat in front of me with my toes all the way extended. It was amazing. I have pictures and such and I will post later today when I see if my dad has a card reader or a cord to connect my camera. I was so excited about my buisniess class flying I never wanted the flight to end. I didn't even sleep a wink because I didn't want to miss anything. hahaa.

Once we started hit me I was about to land in Peru. A place that is so influential in my life...but a place I haven't been back to in 19 years. Weird. I got off the plane and hurried through customs and ran out to find my parents only to see a sea (and I mean sea) of peruvians. I kept walking and saw up ahead a little white haired lady walking into the airport quickly. Sure enough there were my parents...a sight for sore eyes. I was SO HAPPY. I couldn't even believe it. They look great (my dad is skinnier then I have ever seen him in my life). We were all pretty giddy to see eachother. (I landed at 11:00 pm Peru time)

The next day bright and early we headed out to a hospital in Peru for my dad to have shoulder surgery. THAT MAN IS CRAZY...if you ask me...for having surgery here in Peru. He kept saying he trusts in the Lord and I guess you can't argue with that. Anyways, we checked in and I thought it was going to be a long hard day but the three of us sat and talked and laughed in his hotel room for most of the day. He was taken a way for surgery around 3 pm and then it was pretty stressfull. Mom and I waited in a little room with a big statue of the Mother Mary while the surgery took place. My mom looked very say the least, although she wouldn't admit that to you herself. When the doctor came out and took mom to see dad you could visibly see her worry lift a little. We stayed untill 10:30 p.m. It was a long day but his hospital room had two beds so I laid in one and read and talked to my mom all day. It went by fast.

Mom also took me to the store for lunch. I can't believe how much better the markets have gotten since we lived here. Wow. I had to buy every single kind of candy I loved when I was little. (I guess that is one of the things you REALLY remember when you live in a country as a child) Everything here is a lot the same as I remember. Everything smells exactly the same...tastes the same (so far) and although things look a little different (as in now there are more buildings and more Mcdonalds) I still recognized A LOT of things and even knew we right where we were yesterday without anyone telling me. I have a really good memory. (of course all of those who really know me know this) I am so thankful for that.

Anyways. Long pictures but mom is getting dad from the hospital right now and if I don't write it down it will get too long for me to type later. I have some pictures...coming soon?


Cali said...

I am so happy for you. I wanted you to go soooo bad. Have fun with mom and dad!

Samantha said...

haha. I love your business class story. Isn't it so crazy to be there ash? I'm glad you are having fun and glad to hear that dad's okay.

angie said...

I love visiting childhood memories, and how great to be able to go back to peru! can't wait to hear more.

Christensen's said...

Sounds stressful getting onto your flight. I am glad you made it! How fun that you get to revisit so many memories! Hope your dad heals up good. I am already going crazy with my children asking to go to "Oliver and Robs." Can't wait till you get home! Have fun!!!

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