Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Some good news...

Man I feel so behind in blogging that I don't even know where to start.  Hmmmm.  I haven't really even been blogging about what has been going on for a while.  

I will start by saying that Cortney started his NEW JOB today.  Yes you read that right. After a lot of thought and prayer Cortney has decided it might not be the best time to be in the golf course industry.  It feels overwhelming for him to leave everything he has learned and loved these past five years but...there just aren't jobs out there.  He is starting a job working for the Company that Joey works for.  We are both excited for him to get started (and of course for the opportunity) and for us to be out of survival mode.  

To be totally honest...I am going to miss him desperately.  The boys and I tried really hard all day to keep our spirits up.  Oliver fought tears all day.  It is hard for him to understand it, why Cortney HAS to work.  He really is my best friend and it has been the best experience EVER having him around.  Even though it was stressful for him to be out of work...I enjoyed every moment of it...honestly.  

Because we knew Cortney was starting his NEW JOB this week (and because I was finally feeling better), last Saturday we decided to take a last minute trip to Disneyland.  We left early the next morning.  

I love disneyland.  Hmmmm....it makes me so happy.  Cortney not so much but he "likes" it and had a really fun time. 

The first night we got there (sunday night) Rob said a three minute (seriously I timed it) prayer all about disneyland.  He kept praying that Mickey Mouse wouldn't be like Chuck E. Cheese because "chuck e cheese is scary".

The first ride we went on was Mr. Toad's wild ride.  There was no line and I thought we should take advantage of that.  However...that ride is kinda scary.  I mean you hit a train and then you end up in Hell...what the???

when we were in the ride, I kept trying to tell Rob how awesome the ride was...he thought it was good...but wouldn't ride it again.  hahaa.  Oliver LOVED it. 

Then we went on to something a little less scary...Small world.  Both boys loved it and we probably rode it like 7 times.  

Rob was dead set on riding on the tea cups.  There was no way I was going to ride on that because while I was feeling pretty good, I wasn't feeling that good.  He loved it and wanted to ride it again and again.  

California Adventure.  Which Cortney really liked.  We took the kids on Tower of Terror.  Big mistake.  They hated it.  I felt like the worst parent.  Oliver really truely wanted the "I survived the tower of terror" shirt.  

Our hotel we got super cheap and it was right across the street.  We walked back and forth no problem.  It was awesome.  You can see the tower of terror there in the backround.  

The kids had no interest in meeting any characters.  They loved seeing them but didn't want to talk to them.  When we went to Mickey's house Rob went right up to Mickey and gave him five.  I couldn't believe it.  He thought meeting him was AWESOME.  Although he still looks pretty scared in the picture. 

Rob wouldn't get out of the stroller for the picture.  Too busy with Cotton candy.  

They boys and I. 

Ummm Clam chowder in a sourdough bowl.  My favorite thing.  I love this picture and how we are all devouring it. 
Oliver playing at Tarzan's tree house.  (yikes we climbed this like 6 times)

And here we are up in the tree house. 

Rob putting his hands up in the air on the "roller coaster" and by roller coaster I mean Winnie the pooh ride. 

yeah...its pretty crazy.

The classic disney picture.  

This is a truely happy Rob.  He hardly ever really smiles in pictures.  But here he is on the Bugs Life caterpillar ride. One of his favorite rides.  He loved when the watermelon sprays juice on you.  

Oli and I on the ride. 

The boys enjoying a turkey leg.  Oliver told me that is the best kind of meat in the world. 
Happy Oliver in line. 

The kids got pretty freaked out on the bugs life 3-d movie.  I thought it was awesome. 

Oliver in the O
Because I got Oli in the O, I wanted Rob in the R but he wasn't having it.  He wanted up in the hole in the R.  

That is all from Disney....I will post more tomorrow. 


{natalie} said...

i am loving the new header, i miss the beach! and i'm glad you took so many pictures, it looks like an awesome time in CA. yay for Cort starting a new job. i know how you feel wishing he could stay home though. i keep telling ethan we need to figure out how we can both be stay at home parents. ps you are not even showing. you look great!

Cindy said...

Yay, for the new job!

Yay, that you're feeling better!

Yay, for Disneyland. Mr. T's ride is scarry!!! And Ca. Adventure has the feeling of exactly just how Berta and I grew up. I've gone on Tower of Terror ONCE, have the picture to prove it, and will never go on it again!!! Glad you guys had a chance to get away and have a wonderful time.

Douglas and Connie Jones Earl said...

I remember my first time to disneyland when I was 12. Yes disneyland existed in 1959!! Love the pictures.

Kimmy said...

It looks like a great time. I, too, LOVE Disneyland...it makes me so happy even looking at your pictures and I wasn't even there.

Good luck to Cortney with his new job. I know what you mean about being sad having him back at work. This past year we were really spoiled with having Aaron around so much, and it's been a bit of an adjustment having him "working" again. I guess you just get to used to whatever you're faced with. The good news is that you love being with your husband, and not everyone can say that.

Kimmy said...

By the way, where did you guys stay? We're trying to get things figured out for our trip in September. Maybe you could email me kimberleewise@hotmail.com.

Earl Family said...

oh man. I am dying inside right now. I want to be there SO very bad! I am so happy you had a great time. I went for my first time when I was 18 and I will NEVER forget it. You did your kids a huge favor letting them go when they were little. Good job!

nicole boice said...

i'm super jealous!! isn't it about time for a rexburg visit?? i miss you.

Laura Lei said...

Welcome back lady. I'm so glad you're blogging again...now I can keeps tabs on you again.

By the way, is it just me or has oliver grown since you last blogged? He looks so grown up.

lysh said...

Congrats to Cort!! I wish you guys would have called me! Even if I just ran up to your hotel to see you guys for 5 minutes. You look like you had a blast! Well done.

lanita said...

Oh I love love love Disneyland. Our family went last year and it was SO much fun to enjoy it with our own children. I'm so glad you're feeling better and congrats to Cort, too!

lanita said...

I almost forgot. Did you guys watch the Jedi Training "show"? If so, I'm sure your boys were in HOG heaven. Forget Mickey Mouse.

HEATHER D said...

Crap, that is so much fun. Wish we could have come down there with you. Carson and Kelto would have LOVED hangin with Rob and Oli. I am so glad you had a good time. Also, super stoked for Cort and his job. He will do good at whatever job he has. He is just that way. Gives 110% always. Congrats on your happy little family and all the fun adventures.

Melissa B. said...

I am so glad you are BACK! I love disney too. You have to love the GIANT turkey legs! Looks like a great time. You look Awesome!

Valley View YW said...

OH! I haven't checked your blog in SO long - did tonight and WHAT A SURPRISE! ! ! WOW, the pictures are GREAT - makes us ALL jealous - wish we could be there with you (could HAVE been). Ash, you're looking happy again - must be feeling a little better. Shewww! Only a mother can say, "I know the feeling!" . . . and it's not FUN - those first four-five months - uck! . . . even after all these years, it makes me sick to think of it. To this very day - I have a hard time eating fish.

CORTLY-MAN, so happy about your new job. That's so cool - be sure and let us know how it goes. I'm excited to hear all about it. Well, now I'm going to go back and read your post - I was too excited - just looked at all the pics. The boys will remember that FOREVER!

Valley View YW said...

oppps, THAT ABOVE POST (and this one) IS me . . .Mom! Just set up a new blog for our ward's YW.

Luv MomBerta

Mandi said...

Looks like SO much fun! Disney Land is one of my all time favorite places, even as an adult. I could go there every year. Would you suggest bringing such little ones? I have really been wanting to bring Marlee, but can't decide if she is still too young...