Monday, August 12, 2013

August part 2

 Oliver started tackle football this year.  It was amazing seeing him work so hard and come home so tired.  I loved it. 

 No cavities fro both kids. 

First day of school 2013

Carolina, Fiona, Grace and Jack

 Ma boys

 Oliver 4th grade Ms. Bateman, Robbie 2nd grade Mrs. Anderson
Henry of course has nintendo controllers. 

 2nd, 1st, 3rd graders

I made the best peach pie. 

 More football

 Mike and Allie and Nora came for some reason.  It was great having them here. 
I love me some nora that is for sure. 

The weekend before school we visited the cabin one last time.  It is so awesome to have a place to go. 

These costco pictures were just a random trip to costco but my kids were being SO HYPER.  LIke crazy horrible. 

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