Monday, January 21, 2013

the rest of Christmas...the sick part.

The day after Christmas I got pretty sick.  Then Cortney got sick...real sick.  He slept in the recliner all day.  Bob and Roberta took my big boys to Life of Pi (which they LOVED).  It was really special for them to be at a grown up movie with their grandparents.  I was thankful for the chance for them to get out a little.  Thursday (the 28th) at night Cortney and I were talking in bed one minute and then the next minute he was running to the bathroom.  He threw up a couple of times and then decided he would sleep in a different room so we could sleep.  Around 5 in the morning I heard him calling for help.  I went into the room and he was shaking violently.  He told me he needed his dad to give him a blessing.  I went upstairs but wasn't brave enough to get his dad.  I went back downstairs and grabbed a hair dryer and heated up his covers.  He was already covered with a blanket and a down comforter but he was freezing. I climbed in next to him so my body could help warm him up.  I have seen him shaking like this one other time when we were first dating...that time he ended up in the hospital with pneumonia.  It was scary.  The next morning around 8 I went up and got his dad to come give him a blessing.  We were all pretty worried.  Cortney told me later once he could talk that when he called me in during the night he thought he was having either a stroke or a heart attack.  He said he was trying to get enough strength to call for me in the night for a long time.  It was crazy.  It was scary.  He was completely out of it.  I started getting our stuff packed up so we could get him home (I was worried he needed to go to the doctor but he has to go in to the doctor in Utah).

 I packed up the car all alone, and got on the road to get us home.  We met Bob and Roberta in Rigby for dinner at Wendy's (they were out of town for the was their anniversary).  They bought us dinner yum.  I drove us all the way home and Cortney and I both brought our stuff in.  We had tons of new snow too so I shoveled the deck and the stairs.

It was great to be home.  Cort had an antibiotic for sinus infection and it took about a week for him to get better.  It was a typical ending to the holiday.

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Ike and Linh Earl said...

All these pics made my whole day!! Love Love Love them!!

PS. How scary about Cort, I would be so freaked out but I sure do love that we have Priesthood blessings!!