Monday, January 21, 2013

New Years

Cortney was feeling a little better by new years eve...and I talked Cali and Joey into getting back from Phoenix in time for a little celebration.  I made meatballs and brought a cheese ball and pepper jelly with cream cheese. Cali got drinks and sandwich stuff.  We also invited Linh (Isaac had already moved to Charleston South Carolina for a new job) and she brought delicious roasted broccoli and stuffed mushrooms.  Oh and I made brown butter shortbread cookies too.  It was ALL delicious.  

We let the kids be awake this time so we started at 6 and were supposed to end at 10...however we ended up going home closer to 11:30 because we were having so much fun.  

The adults played Ticket to ride Europe.  (I won...holla) Then we played scatagories.  It was a fun night. Henry was driving me crazy but that is par for the course.  

We took our traditional new years eve pictures...


I have to overload this post with the same picture because I love them all...13 pictures for 2013  Hilarious. 

I love that Cali and Joe look like this was sooooooo funny. 

 bootie shot

 Love this one of Cort.  Also I love how I am wearing HUGE MENS socks.  

Looooook at my socks.  Haha.  Plus What is Cortney doing???  I might have been doing gangnam style here.  

Mean Cali. 

 Kisses.  I was glad Linh had someone to kiss. 
I don't know when I got to heavy for Cortney to dip. 

We tried to do 13 with our fingers....looks like Joe is the only one smart enough.  Who knows what number Cort thought he was doing. 

 I love the nice 10 from Cali. 


Kim said...

Looks like fun!! If you ever want some real competition at Ticket to Ride, Aaron and I are ready for you!

Christensen's said...

Hilarious! Love the pictures. I think I laughed out loud :) Love how everyone is posing for the bum shot, but Joey.

Cali said...

Every time we do this, I worry about the fact that I'm in pjs with no make-up, yet I let the pictures be taken anyway. Sooo funny!! We really get into it when that camera starts clicking. Spastic people.