Wednesday, January 16, 2013


We went to rexburg this year for Christmas. We got there late Friday night and the next morning as early as possible the boys were outside sledding.  It was crazy because they didn't have much snow (not even as much as utah) but grandma and grandpa have the perfect sledding yard so the boys still had fun. 

I had to include this last picture...this is Oliver and Kelton in 2006!!!  Henry is still wearing the same coat and pants.  I can't believe how fast time goes by!

After the boys finished up their sledding Grandpa Bob took the boys to town.  They went to his school to play on the playground and grandpa pulled them around on scooters in the gym.  Then they went to McDonalds for happy meals.  They were gone forever and it was really special to spend so much time with their grandpa.  

During this time Cortney and I went to lunch at Millhollow (romantic and nostalgic...we always used to eat there when we were first married)...then we went to Deseret Industries for some thrifting.  I got a bunch of old glassware and a pair of moccasins. 
 Self portrait of Oliver with bella. 

Saturday night we went to Gringos (that was all I wanted to do) with Tyler, Bob, Leah, and our family.  My kids were surprisingly good and loved the food.  I ate SOOOO much salsa.  I had been craving it for a while.  Oliver snapped this photo as we left.  I thought it was funny. 
 Boom...we ate so much. 

We all sleep in the same room (except Theo THANKFULLY) and it is quite an adventure.  (yup hen's underware is in the picture haha)  The kids slept really good though especially since Henry is just getting old enough to sleep with other people around, I think it was his first time at Grandma's sleeping in the room with us.  

Sunday morning we all went to church.  They had a program with beautiful musical numbers.  My kids were OUT OF CONTROL and Henry came down with bad diarrhea during church so we only stayed for the first hour.  Too much information again but Henry spent the day being SOOOOOO sick  and his potty training pretty much wasn't trained anymore...we ran to the store for more diapers because he went through more than 20 that day.  Ahhh.  What is Christmas break without everyone getting sick??

On that note I end this post. haha. 

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Peggy Dee said...

Love the snow pictures and the family pictures are soooo cute! Your family is adorable!!