Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I can't believe has almost been a month since I posted.  It is strange for me and I actually thought for a little while that I wasn't going to come back.  I love reading my blog though (does that make me vain?) I am back.

I have been really sick with a cold.  It started really bad on Friday and I am still sick.  I hate it.  Especially since our house keeps getting messier and the laundry keeps piling up.  I have been staying in bed and eating tortilla soup everyday...nothing is better for a head cold than tortilla soup.  I have also been playing kirby with henry...he is just starting to play video games and surprisingly is getting really good.

It's a new year.  Time is flying by so fast.

I have some resolutions this year and for the first time ever they aren't about losing weight (although I should probably make that resolution...but I love eating caramels too much for that).  I want to be a better mom, do all the things I should be doing....which includes better more thought out FHE's, family scripture study, discipline, more chores, more teaching in the home. I have been on a birth control that has been making me makes me feel anxious and tired...I want to get that figured out and stop feeling that way (tmi???).  I started a multivitamin for the first time.  My RA has been bothering me and my doctor wants me to start on 2 more meds (in addition to my shots and methotrexate...which was just doubled)...I want to figure out if I need those medicines or not. I want to STUDY the scriptures to learn more and to know more.  I am trying to be more specific in my prayers, especially when expressing my gratitude.

I love a new year.  A clean slate.  I am so inspired by the new lessons we are having in young women' makes me feel like my resolutions are possible.

I am now going to work on some christmas posts....the pictures are horrible and my head is in a cloud of snot and it may not be great but it will be done.

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Ike and Linh Earl said...

I feel the same way, I was working on a post last night but then didn't finish it. It takes too long!! Do people even read blogs anymore?
Ummm.....PS I love your family photos!!